You Are Going to Be Okay!

My heart is heavy for the parents who are faced with the reality of their child’s school year.
I have more to share but for now, I want to encourage you with the following:
#1. ANGER – Be mad, let it out, process those emotions. Scream in a pillow, journal, beat the sandbag, go for a hike, vent to a friend – whatever you have to do to GET THOSE EMOTIONS OUT! You cannot afford to carry the weight of those emotions with you this year. Get them out so you can let them go.
#2. GRIEF – Many of you are grieving. Grieving for your family, your child’s heart, the plans for the year, your ability to juggle it all. This is real and must be acknowledged. Grab your journal and begin, “God, I am so sad that…….”
#3. HOPE – It is hard to be anchored in hope if you are carrying around a lump in your throat, are ready to explode or feel like a victim. Processing your emotions and heart will help you move into HOPE. Hope is anchored in THE truth, not the facts our circumstances scream at us.
Declare the TRUTH!
God has not left you.
You have what it takes to not only survive but thrive.
You will know what to do (because He lives inside of you).
God has keys and strategies for your situation.
He works all things out for good.
He sees your world.
He cares.
He has a solution – ask Him!
It is going to be okay.
Your child is going to be okay.
YOU are going to be okay!

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