Dear Class,

Thank you for joining me on this 30 day adventure! Fasten your seat belt because I promise God has some amazing things in store for you.

This will be like no other course or class. It has been organically constructed by our Father who desires to draw us in closer to His heart. He has enormous value on the next generation and it starts with us.

Each morning I will set before you a delicious and beautifully crafted ‘cupcake’, in the form of a Spirit led reading or teaching. Some days you will unwrap it with ease and devour it within moments. Other days you will savor each morsel and let the flavor sink in all day long. Some days you may only desire to sample a few crumbs. On other days you may marvel at the beauty, but choose to store it in your heart to consume later. Whatever you choose to do is fine, but one thing I know for sure, each daily ‘cupcake’ will be incredibly life-giving. Just like in the natural, if your belly is already full and you scarf down another cupcake because you feel pressure to eat it, it will not go well with you. Eat and consume this course as Holy Spirit leads you. It isn’t a race and you do not need to digest each morsel fully.

Our time together will be divided into different steps:

  1. A) I will post something early in the morning
  2. B) You can chew on it and release it to your children throughout the day
  3. C) You will need to respond to that posting sometime before the end of the night (in the same 24 hour period) even if you haven’t fully digested the teaching or released it to your children yet.

****Since there is a real flow of postings and responses, it is crucial that you complete your posted responses daily. When you fail to keep up with your postings, and then days later, post something that was the topic four days earlier, it disrupts the flow and is hard to jump back and forth. If you miss more than two responses then I will assume this is not the right time for you to invest in this and will put a hold on your group access until another class (if you choose to do it later). Please know this isn’t to be harsh, but something I need with my role in the class to be able to stay in the flow of what Holy Spirit is doing.

Since it is important to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, much of the teaching will be geared towards you first, but then I will also always provide a child-level teaching for you to share with your children. Again, you will do this at your own pace for you and your family. You can eat as much or as little as you choose. You are not expected (nor should you attempt) to do every suggestion/idea on the same day. Store some for later use.

I bless you with creativity. I encourage you to soak up everything I am pouring into you and let it come out in your family mixed with your own creative flair, style, and personality. Look for the heart of every example, not just the ABC’s.

This is not a course to complete or a three-step program. There will be no pass/fail format, nor will there be any pressure whatsoever of expectations or performance. After all, how does one measure success when the Holy Spirit is the teacher?

I promise to lay down my own mask and share with you the vulnerable stops in my own journey. I welcome you to do the same as you feel safe and comfortable.

I encourage you to make connections with others in the group privately. The more you develop relationships with like-minded people the more you will grow. I believe you all have things to teach the rest of us.

The testimonies from those who have gone before you are nothing short of miracles! I wish I had time to share all of it with you now, but soon enough. I am confident you will join in their praises that God is good!

It is going to be an amazing month together!