Can you feel it? Are you aware we are not battling flesh and blood but something in the spirit realm? If you are a born again believer then you are enlisted to fight. But like any battle, the weapons you use are vital to your success. The wrong weapon in battle makes you vulnerable. The right weapon not only protects and covers you but aids in advancement.
All next week (August 10-14) I am going to give you language to discern the battle at hand, introduce you to the powerful tools of heaven, AND teach you how to empower your children to use them too!
There is no cost other than your willingness to grab ahold of the tools, be intentional to teach your children, and together impact the world around you.
I encourage you to consider forwarding this to those in your circle inviting them to join us. This is an opportunity to LINK ARMS and discuss the material together building community. Friends can join us either on Facebook or by signing up for the daily emails through our website.

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