The Legacy of Grace

As I watched a video of a prophetic warning to America about the coming judgment tied to our demand for the right to shed innocent blood, the spirit of the Lord gripped me so deeply that I began to shake and weep. The Lord spoke so clearly when He said, “I am giving you a national assignment,” and laid out the steps and strategy. I was to gather our ministry partners and friends and invite them to first wash their own hands of shedding innocent blood, directly or indirectly, and then call them to action to get this resource into the hands of as many people as possible from now until Passover.

Washing Our Hands

This is a call to action for every person who has knowingly, unknowingly, intentionally, or unintentionally come into agreement with the shedding of innocent blood. The purpose of this is to lead you into washing your hands, renouncing your agreement, and standing in the gap for future unborn children.

This is not just for those who have had an abortion, but also those who have paid for the procedure, given counsel to receive one, believed it is our right to take the life of a child, and/or for knowing of a friend or loved one walking this out and for not speaking up when given the chance. 1 in 5 men and women in the church have a personal abortion experience. That number can be higher for men as they are not always aware that they have lost a child. 


Please join me in sending this to your pastors, youth pastors, ministry team, small group leaders, etc. This is a divine strategy of the Lord to cover those who need covering while helping them walk out their freedom and healing. 

Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders,

I want to bring to you a most urgent ministry response that I feel the Lord has placed heavily on my heart for the Church to take action on right now.  Abortion is something that affects our families, communities, and regions. This isn’t just merely about young girls but the way the scars and hooks of abortions have shaped us as an entire culture. We feel strongly that God is calling us in this time to wash our hands of the shedding of innocent blood. However, hosting altar calls as the response is missing the mark due to the shame, guilt, and condemnation that has kept people in bondage. This is challenging because few are willing to walk in front of their entire community and openly admit to all what they have barely been able to admit to themselves. We need a better way to reach and love them, and I believe the Lord has released this divine strategy for the Church community to cover the person while resourcing them with a biblical response made available right into their hands.


Will you please take 10 short minutes to read through this important prayer & ministry document and consider sharing an announcement at your church, ministry function, or fellowship gathering, asking every person to take out their phone and scan this QR code? Together as one Body in Christ, we can encourage our people to become equipped by downloading the PDF file so that every person has the material. This way, those who really need it are covered through love by those who may not directly need it thus preventing the unnecessary exposure of those who do. Secondly, from here, we can encourage everyone to ask the Lord to whom they can send the resources who may desperately need them in order to become free themselves. 

Together, I believe that the Lord will do unprecedented work in reaching hearts and setting free those who have been locked in bondage.  This is the time to see Jesus set the captives free and open the spiritual prisons so that these sons and daughters can soar in true freedom that will set others free (Isaiah 61).  Will you partner together as one in this Kingdom initiative so that we can see the curse broken and our regions open more fully to the Gospel of the saving grace of Jesus Christ?  I honor you for your hard work in the Lord and humbly thank you for considering sharing this resource in your communities and beyond.  

Abundant blessings to you, your family, and to all within your ministry, 

May we purify ourselves as One Body prepared for His glory! 

Lisa Max


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I invite you to create A paper chain link representing the number of days until Passover. Every day, tear off a paper link and intercede, decree, and declare a holy washing and purification for our bloodline, as well as those in our community.



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