Yes, the enemy is doing many un-fun things in our world right now, but let them wait and see what this generation is about to do. They will rise up and flip atmospheres, they will say NO with ease to the false comforts of the world. They will hinder the pornography, alcohol and drug markets simply because they have no need for it. They will walk in confidence and assurance. They will honor adults for the wisdom they possess and seek their counsel. They will discern the fear for what it is and laugh at it. They will grab a hold of the hurts, lies and offenses and apply the tools they have been taught to work through them so they don’t become adult-sized woundedness. They will walk into the darkest of situations and turn on the LIGHT! They will praise where there is weeping and they will heal where there is sickness. They will love where there is brokenness. They will hold their places and all of heaven will back them up. Your labor in equipping your children is not unseen. Ask Jesus to show you what it means to Him!

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