THIS IS WAR – Day Two 1-2 Grabbing the Helm

A mom in our parenting class shared this powerful testimony, but she isn’t the only one who has experienced this as I hear it often. As she drove home from class the previous week, the tears began to fall, she started to worship, and then laugh, and then cry harder. Words began to fall out of her mouth as she told Satan she was done with the battle and taking back her authority. She cried and worshiped some more. She walked into the house, and instead of finding the unusual defiance and chaos, she found peace. A peace that remained all week long.
I had chills as she shared the story because GOD was moving in this mom to bring her back into alignment with Him.
Hear this – it isn’t that she took back what the enemy stole, she picked up what SHE LAID DOWN – her God-given authority. Kids can tucker you out day in and day out. The conflict, endless need for training, and demanding that their needs are met can wear heavily on a parent. And inch by inch, we begin to lay down our authority feeling defeated, and just ole tuckered out. If there was ever a time, parents must find their authority again, it is today as there is an all-out war against this generation.
God designed for your family to have a wall around it. Not all walls are negative. Walls protect, cover, and give assurance of peace.
Picture a front door on a home that is the gateway to letting things come and go inside the home. Authority is the homeowner who confidently opens the doors and has the power to decide what comes in, what stays in, and what must get out of your home.
If the door remains open all the time, bad things will wander in simply because nothing stopped it. If the door is locked shut, nothing will be able to enter or leave. Authority is the God-given role of overseer helping to direct the traffic of what comes and what goes.
When parents shrink back from their position of authority, it is like a disc being out in their spine. It will affect the rest of the body, causing it great hardship. When a parent lays down their authority children, feel insecure and unsafe. I don’t need to tell you that they will act out their worry and anxiety, causing you greater hardship and the family more chaos. Not walking in your authority does NOT bring your heart, children, or family peace.
Imagine your family on a boat ride off the coast, enjoying the salty water and warm breeze. Peace and joy flow naturally with ease because all is well. As any waterman knows, the weather can turn quickly, making the ski dark and waters choppy. As the boat is tossed from side to side, everyone is feeling the storm. How would you feel if the Captain began to pace the deck, spewing his anxiety and fear? What if he called his friends and spoke words of death and doom? How would you feel about the storm? What if the Captain saw the rain clouds and immediately jumped up to steer the boat in the opposite direction, whizzing past other boats headed towards the storm? How would you feel if he assured you of who he is and that he is well equipped and trained for keeping his passengers safe and out of the storm? With the first scene, it would not take long for you to partner with and come under his fear and anxiety. With the second, you may still feel some uncertainly, but you are anchored to the one with the authority to steer the boat to safety.
At the helm means the position or place of command or leadership.
Who is at the helm of your family? Oh yes, we know God is, but to have the position of your hands off the wheel and to put the entire responsibly on God denies your role and responsibility. Passive parenting isn’t going to produce the fruit God has called you and your children to bear. You will stand before Him at the end of your life and give an account for the children He has entrusted you to steward and won’t be able to say, “We just trusted you to do it all.”
I want to invite you to encounter God by telling Him how you feel:
I am tired
I need help
I am scared
I am overwhelmed
I am exhausted
I feel burned out
I feel like quitting
I didn’t sign up for this
I feel ill-equipped
Tell Him what you need:
I need your help
I need tools
I need grace
I need a reboot
I need your power
I need to hear from you
I need to know my children are going to be okay
I need to know I have not ruined them
Watch this clip from the movie War Room and let Holy Spirit lead you in TAKING BACK YOUR AUTHORITY IN YOUR HOME.

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