THIS IS WAR – Day Three – Connection

Rejection means to dismiss.
Dismiss means to push or send away.
A spirit of rejection is at play against this generation like never before through abortion, sexual exploitation, and gender identity. But there is a subtle form of this same spirit in operation in many homes, including Christians that I want to expose.
Scores of parents are dealing with profound feelings of disgust towards their children. They repel them and long to ‘get away from them.’ This is a very vulnerable thing for a parent to admit, yet I want to suggest something.
I do not believe this is always coming from WITHIN the parent but rather ON them. It is the same spirit of rejection seducing parents to turn on their child in this hour.
Why? Because parents are gatekeepers over their children both physically and spiritually. When they forgo their post, children are vulnerable. When parents are alert, awake, and active, they are like a lion with their eyes locked on the predator.
If this is you, I can not encourage you strongly enough to GO LOW and repent for partnering with this demonic spirit. Command the spirit of rejection to GO in Jesus’ name.
Invite the Holy Spirit to come and rebuild your heart connection with your child and fill you both with power, love, and peace.
This spirit aims to break the connection and cover over your child and lead them into emotional and mental isolation.
No to hell on my watch!
I declare my children are wanted, loved, and seen.
I declare I have what it takes to parent them well in this season.
I declare my children are a joy (and if not, I will train them how to be honoring and respectful).
I declare the blood of Jesus covers my children.
I declare my love for your child is unconditional and secure.
I declare…………….. (add your own)!

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