THIS IS WAR – Day Five – Prophesy to the Storm

During the recent quarantine season, we got addicted to a fireman show. Over and over, these brave men and women would run into the crisis while everyone else is running away full of panic and fear. This concept in the spiritual realm has so struck me. If Jesus lives inside of me, then I have the fire hose, ax, and respirator to run INTO the building (crisis), not away.
A fire untamed turns into a wildfire. Firefighters have one goal: Containment (the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits).
We are to be suited up with God’s armor and the tools of heaven to defeat the works of the enemy here on earth. Jesus gave His life for payment for that freedom. Ezekiel 37 The hand of the LORD was upon me, and he brought me out by the Spirit of the LORD and set me in the middle of a valley; it was full of bones. … Then he said to me, “Prophesy to these bones and say to them, `Dry bones, hear the word of the LORD!
Prophesy is simply hearing God for others and declaring it. I say PROPHESY TO THAT STORM!
Your words have so much power they hold either LIFE or DEATH. Proverbs 18:21. Model this concept for them by looking out at the sky and begin lamenting, “Oh no, it’s sunny out. My flowers are going to wilt, and all the bugs are going to dry up. This is the worst thing ever that the sun is out.” Of course, you are being silly, but the point is we can take something and begin to declare destruction, fear, and death over it.
Make a list of things that are affecting them right now and PROPHESY over them. “I speak to the fear and say _________,” “Virus, you have no hold on me,” “I declare my city will be safe,” “I will have an amazing school year.”
A fact is something that is proven true. But the truth is unchangeable.
Kids at school wouldn’t sit with me for lunch – FACT.
Something is wrong with me – LIE
It hurt kids wouldn’t sit with me, but I am still wanted and belong – TRUTH
There is a lot of things being exposed right now in the world – FACT
The enemy is winning, and we are going to suffer – LIE
God is exposing that which has been in darkness, and He still sits on the throne – TRUTH
Do not mix your facts from your truth. It is the TRUTH that sets you free, not facts. We do not live an evidence-based life, but a truth based life.
Ask, “Jesus, what facts have I grabbed onto?”
“Jesus, what is your Truth?”
Break agreement with facts and align your mind and heart with truth.
This is VITAL right now.
Prophesy is declaring the future through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Witchcraft is declaring the future through the power of Satan.
John 10:10 shares that the enemy comes to steal, kill, destroy, while Jesus came to overcome and bring life. Your WORDS decide which side you want to camp in.
We all know what a lie is and how much havoc it can reek on our minds, hearts, emotions, and relationships. We behave based on what we believe. But witchcraft is when we begin to SPEAK IT OUT in declarations. “They hate me,” “I don’t belong there,” “This is terrible,” “We are going to die,” ‘This is the worst thing ever,” “This year is going to stink,”
Some of you have been practicing witchcraft by your words.
What we declare in the atmosphere becomes our reality. With so much going on in the world today, we need to be extra careful of our words as we could be strengthening the wrong kingdom. This is not about just having happy thoughts during a real crisis, but declaring the TRUTH in the midst of it. If my kids are upset and say something like, ‘This is so unfair’ I validate that it may indeed look and feel that way but help connect them to the truth by helping them see God cares deeply about unjust scales and is a God of justice and help them rewrite their prophecy to say, “This feels so wrong, but God is in control and can make it right on my behalf.” There are no victims when God is in control!
Facts serve as kindling for the fire.
Witchcraft is gasoline poured on the fire.
His truth is the fire extinguisher that defeats the enemy from consuming those in your home, city, country, and world!
Jesus, I confess that I have partnered with FACTS and allowed them to turn into words of witchcraft. Jesus, “Do you forgive me?” (and then wait to receive His forgiveness.)
When I see a fire starting I will run into the burning building (storm), and I will prophesy the TRUTH over the situation.
Take out a piece of paper and draw a heart in the center. Share that the heart represents them and things that affect them both good and bad. On the left side, draw a gasoline container (like Dad uses to fill the lawnmower), and on the right side, draw a picture of a firefighter. Take an example, such as not being allowed to see their friends. Point to the gasoline and begin using words of witchcraft and doom. “I will never get to see them,” “This is awful,” etc. Now point to the firefighter and declare words like, “I will get through this even though it is hard,” “This is not for forever,” “God will give me a creative way to connect.” Help them to see the difference of what side they are partnering with. IN the days to come when you see your child (or yourself) pour gasoline on the problem, be mindful that your words contain life or death, and YOU PICK which one you want to declare.

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