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Meet my friend Caleb

I came to Lisa because I was finally ready to admit something that was extremely painful. There was an apparent disconnect between myself and my oldest daughter, and I was not loving her like my other child. There was something in my life holding me back from embracing her whole wholeheartedly. I remember holding her as an infant and not bonding with her; fear would not allow me to snuggle and kiss her. I was terrified of her dying of SIDS. As my wife and I met Lisa, she walked me through a beautiful process with the Holy Spirit of identifying when I first let fear into my life (Before this session with Lisa I hadn’t even considered this incident in 30 years).

I was now able to forgive the family member and be set free from living under fear. That night right before bedtime I sat down with my oldest daughter, looked her in the eyes and said “I have something important I want to tell you. When you were first born, I was so afraid that something bad could happen to you that I put up a wall of protection around my heart. Do you forgive me for not loving you with my whole heart?” She said yes, and we hugged, I honestly don’t think that in the seven years of her little life we have ever embraced like that. Not only did the wall come down in my heart but the wall in her heart came down. Presently my daughter and I are experiencing new levels of peace and freedom that up until then, I had been jealous for. I have grieved for these moments and now we are becoming whole.