I hear this ALL the time – a person falls radically in love with Jesus and has great ‘quiet times’. They get up early and spent tons of undivided time with Him and they have a close relationship. The kids come and soon those quiet moments together give way to sleepless nights and the demands of their new addition. As time rolls on the relationship suffers and they begin to feel exhausted, dry, and burned out. They begin to feel guilty for not investing hours into their relationship with God, which only makes them feel worse.

The time we spend with our children in this season is 24/7, but there is a Biblical command to let them leave and cleave to their future mates, meaning our 24/7 relationship will transition into a new way of connecting and relating, yet the love and relationship is still there!

Could it be God intended all along for our time with Him to be transitioned, as well, when the baby comes?? Do we not think that God KNEW that our relationship with Him would change when He gave us the gift of our child?

Instead of feeling guilty that your former way of relating to Jesus isn’t working ask Him to show you what the NEW looks like. “Jesus, I miss our times together. I miss knowing you and feeling your Presence. I miss our deep connection. Will you please show me what our relationship and time together looks like in this season?”

Be blessed with the fact that your relationship is growing, changing and being transformed into something NEW!

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