Summer doesn’t need to be a time of surviving dealing with endless conflict and demands. It can be a time to THRIVE as a family.

What if, instead of seeing our children as strong-willed little creatures, we see them as powerful world changers? What if, instead of treating them as immature, we treat them as leaders in training? What if, instead of letting their choices affect our comfort level, we put the discomfort back on them to create change? What if, instead of controlling them, we empower them? What if, instead of buying time, we invest in them? What if we call out the greatness in them even when they display their worst? What if we saw their weakness as an area to release heaven instead of partnering with the weakness? What if we stay connected with them no matter what?

Join Lisa on a 3-month journey with weekly tools, solutions, and exercises. You will discover keys for staying on top of sibling conflict, dealing with boredom, increasing connection, and instilling character. Lisa provides practical, joy-filled & and creative ways to help make these summer months a time of empowering and equipping your whole family to THRIVE!


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THRIVE includes: a once-a-week teaching for three months. You will have access to the entire course upfront, with the option to move through each lesson week by week, by specific topic, or the freedom to move at your own pace. At the end of each lesson will be an opportunity to post comments and engage with others.


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