MALACHI 4:6 Tool Kit for Dads

$34.99 / month for 6 months


Papa’s Pocket is a monthly interactive tool kit that empowers Dads to become Sons and Sons to become Fathers who have turned their hearts to their children as outlined in Malachi 4:6.


After you sign up, your first tool kit will arrive within 5-7 business days. You can use the lessons anytime. Do a few of them all; it’s up to you. Thirty days later, a new kit with a whole new set of tools and themes will appear. You will receive a total of six tool kits which can be used as you see fit. The goal is not to get through each one before the next box arrives but to have a continued supply of tools in your pocket. There are 4-6 object lessons and 5-8 bonus cards each month.

You will also receive complimentary videos to aid you in your teaching the lessons to your children, invites to monthly LIVE Zoom calls to cultivate dads as Sons, and an outlet for Q&A time to help you walk through the teachings on a personal level.


This is a six-month monthly subscription. You can cancel anytime.