Mothering Mothers

$69.99 / 30 days

Have you longed to be spiritually mothered? Regardless of your personal ‘mother story’ there is a growing need for mothers – and fathers – to be championed on the road to becoming the parent God designed them to be. 

🎈 Do you desire to know your Father better and learn what it looks like to walk in the fullness of who you are as a Daughter?

🎈 Do you desire to be seen and known in this season?

🎈 Are you ready to go after your freedom so you can better champion your children for the call God has on their lives?

🎈 Do you long for a deeper connection and accountability with other moms desiring the same?

If this describes your season, join us for the next step in your parenting journey. Mothering Mothers is a 3-month online mentorship gathering and small cell group community for mothers to grow down deep with the Holy Spirit and with each other.



First, it is about coming alongside moms in their mothering journey in a safe and covered environment where they can do life together, share their hearts and walk out their freedom together.

The second aspect of Mothering Mothers is raising up moms who are called to influence and impact others. Through mentorship, they grow as they step out in roles of influence, and together we unpack what comes up for them along the way. This increases their capacity in the areas of what it means to be a Daughter, loving like a mother, and influencing others for the Kingdom.


Requirements include a hungry, teachable heart, a desire to build relationships in a safe place, a value for vulnerability, and a commitment to pursue a deeper partnership with the Holy Spirit. 



We kick off the fall session on Monday, September 5th, at 7 PM EST with a LIVE zoom. A recording will be given to anyone who can not make the LIVE. 

Commitment: 12 weeks starting September 5th-November 21st.

Each Sunday, a new written lesson will become available for you to read and process independently. You will have the week to complete your reading and processing time as it works best for your family’s needs and schedule. (JOURNEY value $100)

Each participant will respond to a single question at the end of each teaching. These questions are not about intellectual knowledge but geared toward your personal transformation. 

Lisa will respond personally, giving you the gift of a mother through words of encouragement, feedback, or added tools for your journey.

Every Monday at 7 PM EST, we will host a LIVE interactive zoom call for anyone who wishes to come and go deeper. This is a great space to ask questions, engage or gain greater clarity on the teaching for the week. You can attend the LIVE without having read the lesson prior and visa versa. 

In addition, you will have the option of joining a small intimate cell group to huddle together with other parents walking out their journey. Communication in these groups will be organic, and member led. This is where life happens, and community is built. 

You will also have the option of opting in to receiving text messages from Lisa that apply to the weekly teachings to support your journey even further.

Pay monthly – subscriptions end after three payments.

Dads can follow the material along with you and engage in deep, meaningful conversations as it relates to your specific family. The Dads have their own group called AWAKENED SONS.

Weekly lessons, encouragement, coaching calls, check in’s, text messages, cell groups, and interactive zooms are all designed to champion you in your parenting journey.

Over $470 value (JOURNEY class alone with a single coaching call equals $190). We are offering ALL OF THE ABOVE RESOURCES FOR ONLY $69.99 PER MONTH


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