Mothering Mothers

$90.00 / 30 days for 90 days



MOTHERING MOTHERS is about coming alongside moms in their mothering journey in a safe and covered environment where they can share their hearts and walk out their freedom together. We are passionate about getting moms the ministry needed to walk out their personal journey and provide them with the tools needed to shepherd their children well.


Requirements include a hungry, teachable heart, a desire to build relationships in a safe place, a value for vulnerability, and a commitment to pursue a deeper partnership with the Holy Spirit. 



All calls are held on Zoom LIVE. The camera must be on to participate.  

Time Commitment: April 9th or 11th (depending on the day you select) until June 25/27th. 

Please note the cost is per month. We are allowing you to pay monthly rather than all at once. The monthly cost is less than a single coaching call. During our weekly time, you will receive so much more in the form of inner healing, freedom, tools, support, encouragement, and connection. The estimated value of this mentorship program is over $500 a month, which I am reducing significantly to make it affordable for those who want to participate.