Malachi 4:6 Toolkit – SIBLING CONNECTION


How it Works: When the kit arrives, both mom and dad explore and see which teachings they want to start with. A family meeting is put on the schedule, and Dad begins to teach the fun, engaging (oftentimes silly) lessons. The whole family benefits from the connection and joy of learning and playing together. Mom gets to add her creative flair throughout the week as she reinforces the teaching, strengthening the child’s growth. Respect towards Dad grows, and peace in the home increases. Win-win. 

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The following lessons are included in this parenting tool kit. 

PICK-UP NOT ON – To teach your children the pain of being picked on and how to love well.

TENDER HEARTS  Teach your children the importance of caring for each other’s hearts.

WISE TONGUES – To teach your children to use their tongues wisely.

PERFECT FIT  To teach your children that they belong and their place is important.

CONNECTING HEARTS  To teach your children the value of intentionally connecting with others.

BUILDING UP OR TEARING DOWN – To teach your children about the power of their tongues.

FILL THE TANK – To teach your children how to fill the love tanks of those around them.

HURTFUL WORDS – To teach your children that their words matter.

BUILDING FENCES – To teach your children how not to partner with offense.

DO NOT BE THEIR MIND – To strengthen your child’s ability to use critical thinking.

SPECK IN YOUR EYE – To teach your children to be humble and not just see the mess in others.

YOU BELONG – To teach your children that they belong.

FAMILY IS FOREVER  To teach your children the high value of family.