Malachi 4:6 Toolkit – OBEDIENCE


How it Works: When the kit arrives, both mom and dad explore and see which teachings they want to start with. A family meeting is put on the schedule, and Dad begins to teach the fun, engaging (oftentimes silly) lessons. The whole family benefits from the connection and joy of learning and playing together. Mom gets to add her creative flair throughout the week as she reinforces the teaching, strengthening the child’s growth. Respect towards Dad grows, and peace in the home increases. Win-win. 

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YES, DADDY! –  To train your children to obey and respect your verbal instructions.

WEIGHT OF RESPONSIBILITY – To teach your children that everyone has a weight to carry in the family. 

I AM FOR YOU – To teach your children through words that you are for them and on their side.

I OBEY RIGHT AWAY  To empower your children to obey your voice the first time.

CAUGHT DOING GOOD – To teach your children the reward and joy of choosing to obey.

SELF-CONTROL – To teach your children how to increase their ability to control their bodies.

UMBRELLA COVERING – To teach your children how to stay under your covering.

FUNNEL PARENTING  To give your child age-appropriate responsibilities based on their level of self-control. 

THREE FINGERS – To teach your children that three things remain the same regardless of circumstances.

FULLY AND COMPLETELY – To teach your children to obey fully and completely.

MENU OF CONSEQUENCES – To teach your children that their choices have consequences.

HONOR ROLL – To teach your children the value of honoring Mom and Dad.

FOLLOW THROUGH – To teach your children how to use their amazing brains and think for themselves.