Malachi 4:6 Toolkit – CONNECTION


How it Works: When the kit arrives, both mom and dad explore and see which teachings they want to start with. A family meeting is put on the schedule, and Dad begins to teach the fun, engaging (oftentimes silly) lessons. The whole family benefits from the connection and joy of learning and playing together. Mom gets to add her creative flair throughout the week as she reinforces the teaching, strengthening the child’s growth. Respect towards Dad grows, and peace in the home increases. Win-win. 

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The following lessons are included in this parenting tool kit. 

HOLD ME, DADDY – To teach your children the power of your affection when they need it the most.

SWEET WORDS – To teach your children that their tones matter just as much as their words.

STAMP OF APPROVAL  To teach your children that you are proud of who they are (not just what they do).

PARENTING REPORT CARD – To teach your children that connection matters to you.

LOVE IS A VERB – To empower your children to fill the love tanks of others in the family intentionally.

FIGHTING TOGETHER – To teach your children how to do battle together, not against you.

BURSTING HEARTS – To teach your children that filling each other’s hearts is important.

SHOWING MOM KINDNESS – To model how to express kindness to Mom for your children.

LOVE TANKS – To teach your children about their love tanks.

I WAS A KNUCKLEHEAD TOO – To teach your children that you understand how hard it is to be a kid sometimes.

YOU ARE COVERED – To teach your children that they are covered and protected by their father.

5 MINUTE DATES – To fill up your child’s love tank.

SAY WHAT? – To create a space for your child to be heard.

BIRTH STORY – To share your journey with your children from the very beginning.

DADDY CANOE (CAN YOU)? – To teach your children the value of being mentored by Dad in a variety of areas.