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“I wanted them to know the real living Jesus, the One who had things to say to them.”


Dear Parents,

I have always had a deep love for Jesus, yet the pain in my life made it hard for that love to grow as fear and trust issues stood in my way. Things like legalism and control were like putting a firehose on my tiny fire, and it left me confused and with an unsatisfied longing.

When I first learned that one could play in God’s Kingdom with vehicles such as peace and joy, it was a game-changer for me. I deeply desired for my children to grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus without the tools that focused on outward behavior above connection. I wanted them to know the real living Jesus, the One who had things to say to them. I wanted them to know Him through life experiences, not just through knowledge and hope.

Years ago, someone told me I should write a book about all of the ways you could release the Kingdom through children. Something didn’t sit right with me, and days later, the comment was grinding in my heart. I had to ask God why? If that is what I do, then what about writing a book was so upsetting to me? I heard Him so clearly when He said that if I were to write a 1, 2, 3 step parenting book about the fruit in MY family, people would attempt to do the steps in their family hoping for the same fruit, but it wouldn’t work — # 1. Their family is different than mine, and #2. You can’t bear Kingdom fruit by accomplishing steps. It is a relationship, not a formula. It is a lifestyle, not an event.

And so with that, God gave me a strategy with Let the Children Fly. Instead of attempting to get parents to

model their family after mine, my heart, goal, and passion are to connect you to HIM so that you can begin living a lifestyle of Kingdom fruit. I am convinced of one thing – I have found a river of heaven in parenting, and from it has sprung a massive river of life in multiple families across the globe. Families are awakening.

How many of you can identify with this mother’s heart cry? I am carrying the worry that even though I’m teaching them from the bottom of my heart, I feel like I still don’t do enough or that they aren’t fully grasping it all. My heart burns for them to truly know Him, not just about Him. I want to be careful not to slip into a religious mindset rather than a relational one.

I hear the cry of her heart and scores of other parents. With you in mind, we dedicate this entire issue to helping you cultivate your child’s spiritual journey.

Let’s SOAR higher!