$90.00 / 30 days for 90 days

JOURNEY-mentorship is a first-ever three-month PARENT SCHOOL with Lisa to walk deeper into your parenting journey. You will have a chance to build a community with other like-minded moms hungry for the love of Jesus, invitations for greater transformation in a safe space as you unpack parts of your own story, as well as opportunities to receive personal ministry. You will be given the road map for increasing connection with your children, the Father, and yourself, learning how to live a lifestyle walking as a Daughter. There will be many opportunities to apply the lessons in your home with your children as you take them on the journey with you.

You will have access to the JOURNEY class material (reading it is optional and not required).

Weekly LIVE calls will offer Spirit-led teaching and ministry time.

All calls will be recorded and can be watched again with your spouse to continue the process and dialogue in your home. This is encouraged.


This is a perfect fit for those who are hungry for more!