Empowerment SOAR Magazine


We must learn what it means to partner with Him and co-labor in our parenting.


Dear Parents,

We have searched long and hard for the right platform to encourage, affirm, and empower you in your parenting journey and are giddy with excitement to introduce you to the first issue of SOAR, the parenting magazine of Let the Children Fly.

Like many of you, I burn for more than what this world has to offer. I want families to be intentional about their children. I want you to embrace all that God has for you and your family. I yearn that we, the Bride, all of us, would know that there is no weapon formed against us that shall prosper but that we will march forth and walk in victory because God Himself is leading us as declared in Isaiah 54:17. I want your connection with your children to remain intact so that they are spared from the countless years of agony many of us endured from being parented by spiritual orphans. I want them to know how amazing and powerful they are because you speak it over them daily. I want them to know, like second nature, how to go to Father God and discuss the burdens of their heart with Him directly. Ah, that the children would be trained and equipped by intentional parents who do not partner with feelings of inadequacy but know confidently who they are.

Wait and see what this generation is about to do. They will rise up and flip atmospheres, and they will say NO with ease to the false comforts of the world. They will resist the pornography, alcohol, and drug markets simply because they have no need for them. They will walk in confidence and assurance. They will honor adults for the wisdom they possess and seek their

counsel. They will discern fear for what it is and laugh at it. They will grab hold of hurts, lies, and offenses and apply the tools they have been taught to work through them so they don’t become adult-sized wounds. They will walk into the darkest of situations and turn on the LIGHT. They will love where there is brokenness. They will praise where there is weeping, and they will heal where there is sickness. They will stand their ground, and all of Heaven will back them up. Your labor in equipping your children will reap fruit in your children’s children.

It is with this cry of my heart that SOAR was designed for you, the parent, but with your child in mind.

Kingdom parenting was never meant to be a once-a- week event but a lifestyle of little choices. My hope is that SOAR would serve as a constant drip of teachings, testimonies, encouragement, tools, stories, and revelations to walk with you step-by-step. And in our usual fashion, we will invite you to go off the page and allow Him to take you deeper through the encounters provided throughout the magazine.

Friends, we have work to do. We must learn what it means to partner with Him and co-labor in our parenting.

I hope you will pay extra attention to the section titled Cell Groups as we link arms together in raising this generation.