Dandelion - Solo Parenting


Dandelion – Solo Parenting


My goal with this online class is to empower Moms and Dads during a very challenging season to minimize the trauma and affects on the children and to give you tools to process your journey.





When you sign up you will have 30 days to complete all the teachings at your convenience. You are free to skip around and jump ahead in this course. Each lesson is geared toward giving you nuggets of truth, practical tools for your children, validating the pain and anchoring you in hope. We will cover topics such as anger, fear, letting go, helping the children process their reality, discovering what children need the most, exposing the lies about your worth and so much more.

This class is a good fit for anyone who is raising children spiritually or physically alone, as well as those who are walking through or have been divorced. Class is open to Moms, Dads, Grandparents and leaders who want to gain additional tools for helping others.


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