*** PARENTS – HEAR THIS!!!! ***

I shared about a movie sexualizing children. I could not shake this feeling that came over me. It was slimy. I felt nervous and like I was in big trouble, but it wasn’t me. It was the spirit I was encountering. We do not fight actors, Netflix, predators, etc. We fight the SPIRIT behind it. Ephesians 6:12
It was heavy and oppressive (oppression can feel like depression but is rooted in the spiritual realm). I kept praying against it and wondered why I was coming under it so much. I stood my ground all day, but it wouldn’t seem to break off of me. I could discern that I was feeling scared, nervous, like I was in BIG trouble, that I was outnumbered, powerless, and defeated. I KNOW this isn’t the truth, but this is what I was encountering all day yesterday. I asked the Lord if I was taking on too much and feeling what children feel when being abused. Sometimes we can embrace something more than God has called us to and begin to pick up someone else’s hurt, offense, trauma, etc. I know this from my training in inner healing, but I just couldn’t shake this.
FINALLY, around dinner time, I heard God say this, “Lisa, this is not how the victim feels. This is the spirit behind the predator and how they feel right now.” ***OH MY GOODNESS!!**! They are terrified of being exposed, and this is the hour God is removing the covers of sin.
This is not the season to make American great again. This is the season God is using to make America AWAKE AGAIN! So many people are beginning to see what God has seen all along, and there is only ONE way to fight the spirit behind what we are seeing – in prayer with heaven’s tools, which includes OUR AUTHORITY OVER IT!! Not on my watch. NO to hell with the mis-use of children.
The feeling scared, nervous, like I was in BIG trouble, that I was outnumbered, powerless, and defeated is the truth about the enemy and how the people who have partnered with him are feeling.
This belief is WRONG:
We are losing the battle.
Evil is winning
This is TRUTH
God already won
The devil hates Light.
God heals what He reveals.
God has been, is, and always will be in control.
God knows how to clean His house.
People are scared because they are being exposed.
Sin never wins
The enemy knows no peace (neither do those who partner with him).
The Church is opening its eyes
The Church is opening her mouth
We have the power to destroy the works of the devil
Jesus has all authority
People are nervous, and it isn’t me!


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