My son is just that – MY SON! He recently made a mess by going against my instructions, not once but three times. He wanted something and felt tempted by it even though he knew it was wrong.

As we walked through this something really hurt my heart and I had to process it with the Lord.

Yes, teens rebel. I get that. Teen brain is a real thing.

Yes, kids make messes. I get that. Foolishness is the right of the immature.

But I am his mother and have established trust his entire life and I am not about to let teen brain speak to him otherwise about who I am as his mom.

I told him part of his consequence is to go back and handle the situation differently. He had to put some effort into really pondering how he could have done it differently and I suggested he write me a note.

Tears came to my eyes as I read his HEART on paper communicating with me his wants and desires and asking for permission to ‘break the rule’ for the reasons listed. It was respectful, kind and quite mature.

I came to him and asked how he feels about the mess he made and the consequences given. He felt awful as tears were still fresh in his eyes. I told him that God cares about the desires of his heart and SO DO I. Had he taken the time to bring his desires in the light he most likely could have not only had his wish granted but without the price tag of lying and breaking connection.

Sin never works well in the long wrong and I am so glad he is learning this more and more now.

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