I remember the day well.  We were dealing with being an unexpected single-parent family and a lot of emotional trauma when I entered my (then) 5 year-old’s bedroom to find her rocking in her bed as she gave me a heart-breaking look of ‘Help me, Mama’.  I knew then I was in the Big Leagues of parenting and didn’t have the tools to help her.

A wise mentor said to me, “Lisa, I am so sorry your children are enduring this heartbreak and pain.  All of heaven grieves with you, but you have got to pull yourself up and figure out how to equip them to deal with the reality of their circumstances”.   I resolved to do whatever it took to equip my children, and her words ended up shifting my family forever.

If inner healing, forgiveness and redemption are what God intends for us as adults, then they were also meant for my kids who were 2, 4 and 5 years old. Holy Spirit is more than sufficient. He would give me creative ways to see the hurt in their heart and then how to help them. It was glorious! Today my children are warriors in God’s Kingdom.  They know who they are, hear Papa God’s voice clearly, heal the sick, deal well with life’s hurts, and are happy, whole and spiritually healthy kiddos who bring me and others so much joy. 

God has allowed us the honor and privilege of leading other parents to teach their children how to release the Kingdom as a family lifestyle.  


Each morning (M-F) I will have a teaching waiting for you to read. You will have all day to read, process and ponder. By the end of the day (24 hour period for International students), you will be required to post a response to a single question.


 “Thank you for the encouragement, Lisa, and for cheering us on!  Seeing this in practice is building such a foundation for wanting more!  Talk about ‘Heaven is for real!'”

“I have made few decisions in my life that have marked significant trajectory launches in my journey with Christ, and learning from you this month is one of them.  Like bomb size significant.  Really powerful and opening up Heaven on earth for me.”

“I see the amazing capabilities of our children and I want them to know they have it all with Jesus.  I want to shout ‘Go!’ as I run behind them!  Thank you Lisa, you have opened my eyes to see clearer as a momma!”

“Wow!  I am picking up so much truth in this mentorship already…not only do I feel this season is different with Jesus, I’m already experiencing it, as it’s SO refreshingly good.  I can feel my spirit coming alive again.”

We invite YOU to join us this month!

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