When I speak, the heart of the message is always to ignite parents into greater empowerment and freedom.

Let me empower your community.
Here’s how...


My speaking events are called Gatherings, because we will gather together as a family and learn how our Father runs His.

Typically it looks like a Friday evening with worship, an apostolic message about flipping mindsets about parenting and aligning our parenting mentality with the original parent, Father God. We generally conclude our evening with ministry. Saturday is spent teaching the ‘how’ of becoming like Him. There are generally three sessions, along with two breaks and lunch. Gatherings can end after the third teaching or continue on into a time of Q&A where we apply the teaching and tools to real situations.

The Gathering can be offered just for your community or open to the public.

Everything is subjected to change based at the discretion of the leaders or host.