When I speak, the heart of the message is always to ignite parents into greater empowerment and freedom.

Let me empower your group.
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My speaking events are called Gatherings, because we will gather together as a family and learn how our Father runs His.

Typically it looks like a Friday evening with worship, an apostolic message about flipping mindsets about parenting and aligning our parenting mentality with the original parent, Father God. We generally conclude our evening with ministry. Saturday is spent teaching the ‘how’ of becoming like Him. There are generally three sessions, along with two breaks and lunch. Gatherings can end after the third teaching or continue on into a time of Q&A where we apply the teaching and tools to real situations.

The Gathering can be offered just for your community or open to the public.

Everything is subjected to change based at the discretion of the leaders or host.

Private Online Event

Host an Private Online Event for your Community

Consider taking one of our online classes together with your church community or group. This is like church on steroids! Iron sharpens iron and when multiple parents link arms and grow in hunger together, fires are started. Must have a minimum of 20 to host a private group.

empowered Webinar

 Our four week EMPOWERED webinar brings the weekly classes to you. With 20 or more people we can set you up with your own private viewing. Simply pick the dates you wish to have the Webinar and register under a special code just for your group. You can do it one of two ways – you can watch the Webinar corporately on a given day/time in a single location or have everyone watch it on their own and then come together to discuss.

Journey Online Class

Our JOURNEY online class. Simply pick the starting date you wish to begin and have everyone in your group register under a special code just for your group. I suggest meeting regularly either corporately or in smaller group to discuss the journey, ask questions and walk it out together.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching for your Community Member or Leadership Team

Parent Coaching is designed to help parents walk in greater freedom themselves so that they parent out of the place of wholeness. Often times when I travel, leaders ask me to meet with specific families who would benefit from greater 1:1 coaching. This can be done as an exclusive event, having me come out and offer Parent Coaching to a group of families or by extending my travel dates after hosting a Gathering. Each parent coaching sessions lasts 1.5 hours and discusses specific areas of need and empowerment.


From the time I took Lisa’s online Kingdom Parenting class 2 years ago, I’ve always felt we should have her come to our church to speak to our families.  We recently had Lisa and her daughter Ellie come and do a Gathering. Wow! What the Lord did was amazing, He ignited many FIRES. At church the NEXT morning, several moms came up to us to share what the Lord revealed to them about the condition of their hearts, their marriage, and their own walk with the Lord. The following week, we had a couple of people share from the pulpit and I believe what He released through those testimonies infused many with hope and encouragement.

We had our whole church partake in her online Kingdom Parenting class and the depth of personal sharing was very moving. It feels as if we are stepping towards each other to walk this parenting journey together.  


Children’s Pastor LA


We invited Lisa to do a teaching and encounter time for parents of our Christian School. Lisa makes everything easy–she is easy to understand, and easy to connect with. She is not about formulas or to do lists–Lisa teaches in a way that helps parents connect with the Holy Spirit and directs them to get His heart and His communications regarding their children. Lisa Max is one that is called for such a time as this!


RCS Preschool Director



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