If you are having waves of stress from all the uncertainties in the world, can you imagine how children feel? JOY is essential in this hour!!!!!


Moms, this one is for you! I have done numerous coaching sessions with the same theme. Moms are overwhelmed, exhausted, feeling a paralyzing heaviness, and like they have been pushed into a dark pit. Each time the Holy Spirit revealed the need to STOP functioning and doing so much and getting in touch with their heart. I don’t need to tell you all that is going on in the world, but if your response to all of the chaos, stress, and anxiety is to DO MORE and stay active to avoid your heart, you are going to find yourself in a dark pit of heaviness. Your heart matters because God wired it to feel and with the need to be heard. So may I encourage you to spend some time today putting your hand on your heart and asking, “Heart, how are you feeling today?” and just let it be heard. Sometimes you have to mother your own heart. God cares and wants to hear what is concerning you today.