SOAR Magazine


We created our parenting magazine, SOAR, to come alongside parents to help mentor, encourage and empower their parenting journey. We dedicated an entire SPECIAL EDITION issue on CHARACTER TRAINING. This mom set up a parent coaching session to get some help. She immediately embraced the teaching and began rising up in her authority. You cannot argue with this testimony and the immediate fruit she is seeing in her home. Why? Because parents walking in their authority is God’s design and children feel safe and secure when moms and dads take their rightful place. 

“Lisa, since we have started character training since I saw you Monday, I am in complete awe at the restoration God has done in my children!!!!! Something broke off and it’s soooo good!!!!!! I love how God honors us when we use the authority He has given us! Thank you so much for all you have created for parents and for hearing God so intently on our behalf. I have been diving into your SOAR magazine and we have been doing teachings and I am enjoying being a mom again!!! It’s so fun and my children’s joy has been restored they are also so happy to be obedient!!!! Praise the Lord!!! Thank you!!”

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