Life with Littles


Do you have preschoolers or toddlers at home who are extra whiny and demanding? Consider that older siblings are now home from school and your time and attention are not fully on them anymore. This is a big deal to small children, and their hearts matter, too.


I walked into our pediatrician’s office for my twin’s one-week appointment; he must have read my face and dared ask how it was going. I mustered a half smile and told him I breastfed 16 times in one day, and that was just for one twin. I was exhausted and had serious doubts that I would make it another week, much less the next eighteen years. Maybe I really wasn’t cut out for this motherhood thing. He smiled at me and said, “Your first week is a freebie while everyone gets caught up on sleep. It is now time to parent.” I am not sure why that shocked me. I knew my job was to feed, burp, change diapers, and repeat, but I thought parenting, real parenting, came when they were much older. It never dawned on me that I would be proactively parenting so early. It awakened something inside of me to get in the game and do this thing called parenting with a verb – a lot of them. I left empowered to own my role as a mother. I began to see that what I was sowing today would be reaped tomorrow. I want to encourage you that you have got this and that you are enough to raise powerful, confident children who are a joy to be around.