During our JOURNEY online parenting class, I encourage parents to teach their children certain aspects of Kingdom living. Often, a parent will respond with, “My youngest will be excited about this, but I am sure my eldest will not,” “My son would never do that,” or “My daughter will resist.” I have to say this is prophesying the wrong kingdom over your child. They haven’t even tried yet and you are already declaring that your child will not be open. I lovingly point that out to them, which often turns into a follow-up message down the road saying, “I had no idea just how many times I declared lack over my child,” “I am so convicted that I have begun to prophesy and speak life over them,” and “I am seeing such a difference.”

Proverbs 18:21 – “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” If you are being convicted that you have done this, I encourage you to confess it to Jesus, repent and then break any word judgments or curses you have spoken over your child. “Jesus, I confess that I have declared that my child _____. I ask for Your forgiveness for speaking lack and orphan mentality over them. Do You forgive me? (Watch and listen to what Jesus says/does). I break agreement with the words that my child _____ and nail them to the Cross. I declare my child will _____, in Jesus’ name.”


I get so much joy when parents send me messages like this while taking our parenting JOURNEY class.

“This morning, I was in a hurry to get to a meeting at work. Everyone was doing well with the before-school jobs except my eldest son. I yelled at him down the hall to hurry up, or he had to walk. Then as I was packing lunches, I remembered yesterday’s lesson and that I was supposed to listen and not dismiss. So, I packed his bag and let him get ready without getting on his case. We made it to school, and I had just enough time to make it to work on time… but my son stayed in the car. I thought, ‘OK, breathe and listen.’ I asked him what was up, and he explained what was upsetting him but didn’t understand why he was so upset about it. I felt God remind me he is ten and starting to go through changes. So, I said, ‘You are growing up and getting more hormones, and sometimes those make you feel things bigger than normal. You may not understand everything you feel.’ He looked at me wide-eyed and said, ‘That makes so much sense.’ We prayed, and he went off feeling better. I went to work, and we ended up starting the meeting late anyway.”

Can you imagine how this son felt leaving the car that morning?


I was sitting at my desk with worship music on, reading through the class responses and how parents intentionally connect with Jesus, seeing breakthroughs with their children, and taking back ground is making me weep. God, You are so good! In this season of purification, I can say that many are allowing God to have His way with them on a whole new level, and the bride’s beauty is breathtaking.


I love this testimony from a mom taking our online JOURNEY class.

“This evening my kids were out of sorts, grumbling, frustrated, and complaining about various aspects of the day. So I decided it was the perfect time to soak in the presence of God as a family. I thought the kids would resist because they were grouchy, but each one willingly laid down, closed their eyes, and became still in worship. It was so refreshing!”


This mom owned her partnership with Jesus while taking our JOURNEY class:

“Yet this is my confession: HE was not ignorant of my woundings and shortcomings when He entrusted me with these little men. He has never called me perfect, just HIS. I can clean up any mess I’ve made by the power of the Spirit that lives within me. My God LOVES to redeem my mistakes and gives all the treasures back WITH interest. I declare that my children will not only be HEALED of any past or future wounding they might receive from me or anyone else, but they will also GAIN AUTHORITY in the process to set many captives free in the same areas. I declare that what the enemy intended for evil, my God turns to MORE good in our family. I declare that we are on the fast track as a family toward the greatness God deposited in each of us in our mother’s wombs and that we will be iron sharpening iron as we move from glory to glory!”


This mom says it best (taken from our online Kingdom parenting JOURNEY class):

“I’d love for my kids to feel so loved and accepted at home that they won’t look for their ‘fix’ anywhere else. I’d love for my kids to feel so secure in our love for them that they would be vulnerable with us. To speak their love language is indeed a worthy pursuit!”


Love this! A mom in our JOURNEY class shares:

“I took this teaching on being spiritually clean and sat my six-year-old and four-year-old down to talk through why we only watch certain shows, and if we realize a show isn’t good for our eyes or our hearts, we choose a different show. I drew lots of rectangles on a chalkboard and then put a tiny circle in amongst the rectangles. I asked them what shapes they saw, and they said ‘rectangles’ then I asked if they were sure there were no other shapes. They both said, ‘just rectangles.’ After another minute of looking, my six-year-old saw the tiny circle, and then we got to talk about how it’s really difficult to see good and lovely things (the circle) if we’re covering our chalkboards with yucky things (the rectangles). It was great! They totally got it and were able to settle into knowing the why behind what we’re doing again.”


I have often shared that Let the Children Fly is simply my love offering back to my mom to give other parents the tools that she needed but didn’t have in raising me. When adult children and their parents (grandparents) take the class together to bring greater healing to their adult relationship, it always touches this profoundly deep place in me. I have dropped a multitude of tears of utter gratitude for the way Jesus is aligning families through this ministry. Mom, I am sorry that we never discovered the goodness of heaven’s tools and strategy for our relationship before you left this earth decades ago. But I am so grateful for the way Jesus has used your legacy to impact scores of parents around the world. There is room for your family to join! 


I have said for years the greatest thing a parent can do is teach their children from an early age that Jesus cares and has things to say to them in their time of need. A mom in our online mentorship class wrote to me that two days earlier, she had taught her children how to hear God speaking to them. Shortly after that, her daughter was approached by a male telling her to touch him. She knew in her spirit it was wrong but didn’t know what to do. She saw in her mind Jesus telling her to RUN! So, she did what her Father told her, and she RAN away. If you do not know how to teach your children how to hear God join our JOURNEY class, and I will teach you.

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