God gives you what your oil can steward. If you take it before it is given, you will get burned. He has plans for you and knows how to unfold your story. Your job is to steward the oil. How? Spend time with Him, know Him, worship Him, and seek Him. Your ministry is to HIM. In that place is when and where He gives you a ministry to others. Not the other way around. If you want more, go after the oil.


Baby Moses was the answer to the Israelites’ plea for help from their bondage that lasted for generations. So, what is God birthing through your child? Time will tell. How you steward the calling on their life is the difference between slavery and freedom for others.


The greatest form of rejection is when someone dismisses the gifts inside of you because it is the very reason why you were created.


Your true calling, whether it be through worship, writing, speaking, praising, encouraging, preaching, art, teaching, etc., is to defeat the works of the devil and point people to Jesus! Your gifts are just the tool used, but we all have the SAME job to proclaim JESUS to a dying world. The warfare isn’t over your gift – it is over what your gift should be leading people to – HIM! The devil around me will not prevent me from leading people to Jesus inside of me.


Finding your calling is one thing – overcoming the battle to remain in it is another.


Working through the fear of man is part of your calling!!


The Holy Spirit placed Jesus inside of Mary. Everywhere she went, she encountered opposition because of what was inside of her. As Jesus got older, He attracted both great favor and intense opposition. On the Cross, it appeared that the opposition had won, but in reality, His death not only defeated the opposition but accomplished His life’s purpose of setting man free.

Sweet friends, you, too, have a seed of Jesus inside you that God is growing, birthing, delivering, and maturing. The purpose of Jesus inside of you is to change the world around you. Hold onto the seeds He is birthing and delivering through you, and do not let the opposition abort what He has placed in your belly to steward. The opposition isn’t always a sign that you are doing something wrong, but often, you carry something powerful to change the world around you. Hold onto Jesus!


The reason why God is so grieved about abortions is that He specifically wired that human being to be part of the solution to the world around them. They are a unique expression of Him with special gifts and assignments that no one else has. He has plans for them. When someone aborts that life, it grieves the Creator. Every seed and gift are important by His design since the natural realm mimics what is going on in the spiritual realm. I passionately believe one of the reasons why abortion has progressed the way it has in our land is because churches have been performing spiritual abortions on God’s children for years. God knows what He is doing in our lives and gives each of us our destinies – a purpose on earth to partner with what He is doing in the world around us. It takes time to cultivate, and a loving Father makes sure His children know WHO they are (identity) before giving them the revelation of destiny. It is a process that evolves over time, not an instant. God cares deeply about each person, gift, and the role they play. His precious children begin to learn they have something such as the gift of worship, praying, prophesying, leading, teaching, stewarding revelation, praying for the sick, and begin to partner with the calling on their lives. They are immature in their gifts and need mothers and fathers who aren’t afraid of their messy process. Instead, they are met with leaders who run God’s house like a self-imposed royal emperor and dictate who is worthy of participating. They shut down God’s precious ones and shun them away for not getting it right, not fitting their brand, or measuring up to their worldly standard. I believe it is God’s heart to deal with the scores of spiritual abortions the church performs weekly. It is not man’s house. It is not man’s platform. It is not man’s mission. It is GOD’S and God’s alone. God cares deeply about the seeds He places in each of us and wants to see them be birthed and matured through the love and covering of mothers and fathers, not aborted.


Some people do not have a calling to reach the world. They have a calling to change the world of a few people well. You will be rewarded, not for what you grew, but for how faithful you were with what God has given you.


This was a precious revelation that the Lord gave me, and I am honored to share it with you too. 

Mary was not perfect. She made mistakes, sinned, and was human like the rest of us. She was not picked because of her perfection; she was chosen by God to carry Jesus inside of her. Picture for a moment what it would have been like to carry the Son of God inside your womb. Imagine how utterly transforming the process was for her to have Jesus inside of her. Friends, you are not picked because you are perfect. You are chosen. And the Jesus inside of you is what transforms you so that you can deliver Him to the world around you.