The issue isn’t about robbing children of the things that bring them joy. We need joy as it releases a chemical in our brain to give us the will to fight and endure hard things; however, the question is, are we seeking joy as a Son/Daughter or orphan? What is the price tag of the joy we are seeking? Porn does wonders to the ‘joy chemicals,’ but the price tag is that it kills connection and real relationships.

Just because kids ‘enjoy’ screens doesn’t mean the price tag is worth it. What feels good is a terrible marker of righteousness.


When a child becomes ballistic because you ask them to come to the dinner table and have real connection with real people because they have to get to the next level, their addiction to games has gone too far. Artificial connection should never be placed in priority over real connection.


The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.

How much of the games include stealing something, killing someone, or destroying something? When kids become addicted to the joy chemicals released in the ‘victory’ of winning, we allow our children to become addicted to the joy of stealing, killing, and destroying because it ‘feels good.’ While this may be true for a fictional character on a screen, it does not translate to real life.


God told me to sound the alarm about a reality in the spiritual realm behind our children and screens in this hour. It was a powerful message, and I continue to get profound testimonies. Listen to me! If your child is being impacted by this spirit, they want to be free more than you do. They are children and do not have the awareness that their torment is coming from something that is so much ‘fun’ and brings them ‘joy’ (which is the whole point).

Listen to what parents are saying:
  • We broke away from screen time and have seen a tremendous amount of change. It’s been life changing.
  • My son is actually WILLING to get rid of it. He overheard part of Lisa’s message and said, “Mom, Jesus told me to get it out of the house.”
  • I got my son back.
  • Wow… Lisa! My kids got up, we cuddled, and my daughter asked why I get to have screens, and she doesn’t. I told her I was working on not being on my phone so much. Then the kids got up and ran to me with a card game and asked if they could play it. I said yes, and they cheered! This is amazing!! This morning we are going to sit together, repent and take communion.
  • This morning I removed all remotes/electronics while I prayed and waited for my husband to be on board with selling the tv. My kids played together ALL day. When they had little tiffs, they figured them out pretty quickly. They only asked for TV twice today, and I told them it was out of order for the day. Their whining about it was so very short; it was amazing!
  • A powerful night of teaching!
  • I told the kids we were going to take a break from screens. After dinner, they got PJs on, and rather than asking for a show on their own, they grabbed some water, paintbrushes, and their watercolor books, and they’ve been painting since!!
  • Lisa, thank you for being bold for the Kingdom and stepping out before the rest of us in your teaching last night. I’m in AWE of the word God had you deliver. The number of families it will impact – makes me tear up.
  • After your message I told the kids we were going to stop watching TV except for once or twice a week watching a short show together as a family (and no more games on the TV). My son, who constantly asks for electronics like he needs them and like it’s the only thing to do, didn’t even flinch but said excitedly, “Does that mean we get to spend more time together?” I said “Yes,” and he was as happy as can be. Hasn’t complained since.
  • My son made the BOLD decision to sell his switch without ANY prompting. I’m SHOCKED! He asked me to list it on Facebook marketplace, and it sold within 2 minutes. He has 100% peace about it. I’m just so so proud of him. Wow! He decided to buy a drone and a DJ board with the money – new hobbies were one of my prayers, and the Lord had already answered.

Parents, you have authority over this! ❤️


The testimonies keep rolling in about parents rising up in their authority in their homes over screen time. Look at this mom’s experience with her children. I LOVE how she did it WITH Jesus and invited the children to participate vs. just doing it FOR them.

“I asked Jesus for peace in the process of getting rid of our iPads. I’d felt it for a while, but your LIVE call was confirmation on so many levels. I also asked Jesus for partnership with my kids, so they would be in on it and feel empowered in the process.

As I put my older three to bed, Jesus reminded me to ‘have them ask Jesus.’ So I asked them if they would be willing to ask Jesus about selling the iPads. I told them it felt like artificial joy and artificial connection and that I wanted to start finding ways to bring in the joy of the Lord and fun ways for our family to connect. Before I had fully finished, my eldest, 12, the one I figured would give me the most fight, said, ‘Oh, Mom, I can tell you right now. My heart cringes when I think about it, but Jesus said right away that would be a good idea.’

My daughter nodded in agreement the whole way through with a ‘yes, we should.’ My 10-year-old quietly listened and at the very end said, ‘Mom, I would LOVE that! I’ve always wanted that!’

I’ll never forget the pure joy and excitement I saw on his face as he looked up to say that to me, made me want to just cry with thankfulness. Jesus answered my prayers, preparing their hearts and having peace in the process. Less than a week later, all iPads were sold for more than we thought! We plan to buy annual Sea World passes with that money, finding new ways of having fun together!