When my mom passed away, one thing that meant so much to me were the ornaments she gave me over the years. I wanted my children to have the same gift so, every year, I would intentionally pick out an ornament that reflected a part of their year. Maybe they overcame fear and tried something new, or were brave to ride their bike without training wheels, or lost a beloved pet. Every year we unpack their ornaments one by one telling the story of who they are. Our tree is filled, not just with fun memories, but a prophetic statement of who they are. This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

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The morning after I released this video, my inbox was flooded from people across the globe. I still get testimonies to this day from this video. Having traveled to the beautiful shores of Maui to the poorest places in Mexico and back to Bel Air, I can say with confidence the spirit of intimidation is not just in your world. It is a universal tool the enemy uses to keep us small, unseen and to get us to partner with laying down what God wants to do through us.

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This testimony feels ancient now, but it is a big part of our family’s story. What people didn’t get to hear is that a year later, the people who wanted to buy the house wrote thanking me for asking to be released from the contract. They had a sudden turn of events and thanked me for listening to God. It increased their faith that God was leading them, too, despite the disappointment at the moment. God is a good (and a great) real estate agent!

God As Our Real Estate Agent – YouTube


“We began by going after deliverance while our son (age 6) was sleeping. We went in for a second round, but with him, and have been actively reminding him who he partners with every time he makes a choice. As suggested, I wrote down the opposites of all listed in 2 Timothy 3 as a paper chain. He’s been opening one per day and declaring these truths over himself. 

I sat down to email this because my kids are all off in the house happy, calm, playing together. This NEVER used to happen. At least not in the past 18 months or so during which this spirit has been tormenting our home. I’m so so so so grateful. My nervous system is beginning to heal.

I wanted to share because we are so GRATEFUL for the changes that have begun in our family. Thank you for being obedient and sharing your family’s breakthrough!”