I host an online adventure for people to walk through for ten days. It is called Moms & Dads – Seen, Heard, and Valued and teaches parents how to reconnect to their God-given need to be seen, heard, valued, etc. Many have experienced profound shifts and fruit through the exercises. Day One is a video teaching, and the rest of the week are bite-sized exercises for you to do personally. The second week is a video teaching you how to parent your children so that they never detach from their God-given needs and how to parent from that place. You can sign up anytime and walk through the material at your own pace (within 30 days).


Guilt says what you did was wrong, and the enemy counterfeits by using the tool of shame that says who you are is wrong. We do want to feel the weight of conviction for our mistakes and choices so that it leads us to godly repentance, but we never want to partner with the enemy’s lies of shame over who we are. Shame is paralyzing and incredibly toxic to our systems. It is like drinking acid. God never designed our bodies to hold onto shame.

I was in a season where I was aware that the words coming out of my mouth were critical and sharp. I am not typically one to hold a grudge or offense for very long, but it was like I was constantly calling out the bad. Little things like the man who cut me off, the person who didn’t use their blinker, or the lady who didn’t return her shopping cart. Once I said it, I let it go, but it bothered me that I even had the eyes to see it. They were things that should not require my energy or time. I became so aware of it that I told the kids I would pay them $1 every time they caught me being critical. But it only seemed to increase. I finally met with my friend, a professional counselor, and asked her what the problem was that I could not control my critical words. She said something to me that not only changed my life and set me free but became a KEY that I have used with others for their freedom. She said, “Shame HAS to blame,” and began to introduce me to shame’s profound effects on our mind, body, and soul. Shame is so toxic to our existence that it kills, shuts down, and robs us of our God-given abilities. Shame is like acid. By blaming others (my critical words), it was releasing some of the toxicity. It was survival to manage the shame. I HAD to blame. The goal, therefore, was not to manage the release of the shame but to resolve the shame once and for all. Thus began a several month-long journey of discovering the root of the shame and how to release it GOD’S WAY.

When we create cultures of silence, it creates shame in people, and eventually, it will come up as BLAME. I think one of the most unhelpful things a leader can say when someone is processing pain is that they are slandering and gossiping when they are just trying to process their pain. Not everyone comes from healthy backgrounds where they know how to work through their heart splinters, but when someone is trying to heal, let’s not shoot them down with the law of religion.

I created a ten-day online experience for others to join me on the journey of loving yourself deeper, wider, and more passionately than you have been loved before. You will watch a video teaching, and I will provide activities and exercises based on the teachings for the rest of the days. The second week focuses on how to raise children to be proactive, so they never have to find themselves again down the road.

You can register here: Moms & Dads – ONLINE CLASS – Let the Children Fly


Which one resonates the most with you and your journey? How would you answer this question? The thing I long for the most is: To be seen, to be heard, to be included/belong, and to know my contributions/gifts matter.

God wired you to NEED significance and to belong. However, how and where we get that need met is the difference between an orphan and a Son/Daughter. A spiritual orphan feels the lack of need and partners with the enemy’s voice of condemnation and accusation. But a Son/Daughter sees the need and aligns themselves with the truth God has spoken and trusts Him to meet their need in a tangible way.

Orphan – “No one sees me. I don’t belong. Something is wrong with me.”

Son/Daughter – “God, today I am feeling unseen. Thank You that You always see me. Would You please help me to feel seen today?”