A father in class shares: “This thing is working, man!! Last night our kids got into it; it ended with our daughter crying and son trying to defend himself. I asked him what had happened, and he told me everything that had happened except leaving out what he had done. Instead of continuing to question him for the truth, Holy Spirit told me to tell him to go to his room and ask Jesus what happened. Five minutes later, he came back, and this time he told me the entire story, including his portion of it! Then I asked him what did Jesus say, and he said, ‘Jesus told me to talk to her instead of pushing her and making her fall.’ Yay!”


My friend said it beautifully: “God showed me that the purpose of my parenting is not to turn my children into models (in whichever field), but for me to model His love to them. After that, the rest will fall into place automatically.”


” Jesus, what Scripture do You want to highlight to me? What do You want me to know about it?”

Gather as a family in the living room, in the car, at the dinner table, or bedtime, and ask Jesus together. This is so empowering for children because they get to witness how God communicates with you, which increases their faith, and together you get to encounter Him. Spiritual hearing is a muscle that is strengthened by worshiping and praying. The more you do it, the stronger you become at it.


My friend shared: “Wow, so much has changed in my heart! I now see myself walking deeper with my hands open and my eyes closed – feeling like I am freer and more trusting. I’m talking to God, and I’m listening. My husband is with me, too, as this journey has brought us so much closer in our marriage and parenting. This parenting class has become a part of our daily life. The way we interact as a family and with our children. Tonight, we printed off the results from our love language quizzes and then printed out pictures of cups that were empty. We then spent time praying, talking to God, sharing how we can fill up our love tanks or cups, and how we are unique with different needs. The kids loved it! They went to bed saying their love tanks were full. This class has been such a blessing for our family, and I feel like it is just the beginning that God has so much more planned!! One of the best parts is seeing how excited our children are about it too.”


This is so precious. I was teaching this mom how to help her children hear God, and she sent me this testimony. THIS is how we teach our children how to be the light around them. 

She shared: “We have a not-so-friendly neighbor who never waves to us, making the kids upset. We just asked Jesus what He wanted us to know about him… It amazed me what we heard… We ended it by praying for him.”


This testimony touched me deeply because a mom in class took what she had learned in our class and taught her teen daughter, who then passed it on – three generations in ONE affected by Kingdom parenting. 

She writes: “I have to share. My 16-year-old was babysitting for the first time. The 16-month-old was really fussy the whole time, and she decided to pray for peace and calm over him to calm him down. Within minutes he was at rest.” 

Oh, the warriors that children are when they are taught the tools of the Kingdom!!!


Family devotions were led by Hudson one morning, and I was curious to see what he would come up with. When he woke, I reminded him it was his day and asked if he was ready. His response was, “Nope,” but I could tell his wheels were spinning. He grabbed his sister’s devotions, which touched me deeply, knowing that he was ministering to four females. While seeking Jesus is unisex, I was so touched by this thoughtfulness. He talked about getting hurt by friends and how we sometimes have to stand alone but that we are never alone with Jesus. He did a great job of engaging us and asking us questions about the passage he had just read. One of the things I cherish most about my family is the way we all support each other by asking Jesus questions together. We each got to ask something as the rest of us listened to what Jesus had to say. It is so life-giving and encouraging to hear what everyone heard Him say, which is the very essence of the prophetic (hearing God for others).


I have said for years the greatest thing a parent can do is teach their children from an early age that Jesus cares and has things to say to them in their time of need. A mom in our online mentorship class wrote to me that two days earlier, she had taught her children how to hear God speaking to them. Shortly after that, her daughter was approached by a male telling her to touch him. She knew in her spirit it was wrong but didn’t know what to do. She saw in her mind Jesus telling her to RUN! So, she did what her Father told her, and she RAN away. If you do not know how to teach your children how to hear God join our JOURNEY class, and I will teach you.

Journey – ONLINE CLASS – Let the Children Fly


In America, we do not trust a child’s ability to operate a motor vehicle until they are eighteen. We do not believe a young adult can responsibly consume alcohol before age twenty-one. Yet in the Word, which is loaded with promises and commands, not once are we given an age restriction. I want you to soak in this for a moment. The same Holy Spirit that touched Jesus – resurrecting Him from DEATH – is the same Spirit that dwells in half-pint, snot-nosed children. The Spirit of GOD ALMIGHTY is the same Spirit that operates in YOUR child. Go ahead, be a little undone by that concept because it IS huge! It is to be honored, valued, and highly respected. I often rally the kids and ask them what Jesus wants to say to us. They often hear divine wisdom that was beyond my logical thinking. This is a fun, empowering way for them to practice hearing God’s voice. Try this today in your home: “Hey kids, let’s ask Jesus _______.” 

I have a resource called Encountering the Father. In this digital download, you will receive a teaching on how to encounter the Father as a family, along with over 100 encounter question cards. Order yours here: Encountering the Father EBook – Let the Children Fly


Do you get overwhelmed when someone suggests hearing God? Or do you struggle to understand how exactly it works?

I used to think if someone couldn’t hear God they needed some deep inner healing work (what a hopeless mindset). Now, after ministering to scores of families around the globe, I have come to understand that God is always speaking and there is no such thing as spiritual deafness (for a believer). There could be things preventing you from hearing, but it isn’t that your ears don’t work or God’s mouth is silent.

I liken hearing God to riding a bike. If I were to write a post on how to ride a bike, there wouldn’t be much to share. Hop on, put your foot on the pedal, push off and alternate pushing down the pedals with each foot. Pretty easy, huh? Well, the key to being a strong bike rider is what? PRACTICE! It isn’t the method or steps that are overwhelming; it is in the willingness to practice that many quit and never learn how to fly.

Just like God gave us each a spleen, heart, and eyes, He has given each of us a ‘chalkboard’ in our minds where He speaks and shows us things.

The Body doesn’t dictate how the Creator can or can’t speak, as He is limitless and creative! But here is a rough outline of some of the ways He can speak.

Audible voice – As loud as if He was sitting there like Old Testament examples

Inner voice/whisper – Clear as a bell, but only you heard it

Spontaneous thought – Something pops into your head

Feelings/impressions – Just “feel” something like a strong sense

Gift of faith – Don’t know why, but you just know that you know!

Scripture – Jumps off the page and dives right into your heart

Other people – You know their words were for you

Signs/wonders/miracles – Doing what only He can do

Pictures – Visions, dreams, inside your imagination

Nature – Mountains, water, heart-shaped rock

Art – Song, dance, poetry, paintings

Peace – a sense of liquid peace comes over you like a warm blanket. Do you know that God is peace? Pure 100% peace that doesn’t match your physical on-earth circumstances. When we sit and get quiet and invite His presence we can often feel it in the form of peace washing over us.

When you are ready, ask the question slowly; then just watch and listen to see whatever comes to mind. Don’t argue with it, dismiss it, or doubt it. Whatever the topic is, focus on that for a moment. What does He want you to see about it? When He shows you something, and you aren’t sure what it means or what to do with it keep asking more questions. God is like finding the Easter eggs. He likes to say things that keep us looking for more. While He could throw the whole instructional book at us, instead He chooses a relationship with us. Don’t be so quick to get up and walk away. He wants to engage with you. You aren’t meeting with a busy royal emperor; you are talking with your Daddy!


Prayer – “Father, how do You feel about me?”

Answer – I see in my mind a girl dancing with a pink tutu (which means nothing to me).

Prayer – “Father, what do You want me to know about this dancing girl?”

Answer – I hear, “That is how I see you all the time, even when you feel like you have blown it.”

It is important to note that hearing God is not the same as audible hearing with our ears. Sometimes it means seeing pictures, and other times it means we feel His heart for something. My son rarely ‘hears’ anything, but sees images in his mind. I have another child who feels things intently for others or about a subject, and we know that is the Father speaking to her.

I had a mentor who made my spiritual ears come to life. I remember talking to her about things, and she would always say, “Can we ask Jesus about that?” It was an odd concept to me that we could ask Him about the ordinary, everyday life stuff. We don’t have to keep Him reserved for just the big spiritual stuff; He wants in on the little things that concern and matters to us, too. Get in the habit of simply asking often, “Jesus, what do YOU think about that?”

Pray – “Holy Spirit, I give You permission to speak to me today. Teach me what it means to hear/see/feel Your heart.”

We have established already that not only does God speak, but He wants to speak to YOU!

Spend time with Him today and ask a question or two.

“Jesus, what do You love most about me?”

“Holy Spirit, what are You doing in my life right now?”

“Father God, in what way did You knit me together in Your image?”


Testimony from our online Kingdom parenting class: “I’ve had blinders removed the last few years, and I am so thankful for the changes God’s instilling in my heart, mind, and behavior, so I have to share how ‘Let the Children Fly’ Kingdom living and teaching has affected my life and my children’s lives. When I look at the road behind me, I can see huge areas of His grace, peace, and love forming my choices instead of anger, punishment, and shame in my parenting. I love parenting this way!”