During our JOURNEY online parenting class, I encourage parents to teach their children certain aspects of Kingdom living. Often, a parent will respond with, “My youngest will be excited about this, but I am sure my eldest will not,” “My son would never do that,” or “My daughter will resist.” I have to say this is prophesying the wrong kingdom over your child. They haven’t even tried yet and you are already declaring that your child will not be open. I lovingly point that out to them, which often turns into a follow-up message down the road saying, “I had no idea just how many times I declared lack over my child,” “I am so convicted that I have begun to prophesy and speak life over them,” and “I am seeing such a difference.”

Proverbs 18:21 – “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” If you are being convicted that you have done this, I encourage you to confess it to Jesus, repent and then break any word judgments or curses you have spoken over your child. “Jesus, I confess that I have declared that my child _____. I ask for Your forgiveness for speaking lack and orphan mentality over them. Do You forgive me? (Watch and listen to what Jesus says/does). I break agreement with the words that my child _____ and nail them to the Cross. I declare my child will _____, in Jesus’ name.”



“This lesson was pure and abundant JOY for me! I have read, journaled, and soaked up so much goodness from this. My youngest daughter is nine and gets frustrated that she doesn’t hear God talk to her. I told her of your example that God is a chatterbox, and she thought that was pretty funny. We laughed and giggled for a while, then I had her ask Jesus what He wanted her to do right now, and for the first time EVER, she heard Him say, ‘Go snuggle with your puppies.’ I was so glad to see her try to connect with her Father without frustration. That little response was a big step for her, and for that, I am grateful.”


Do you have a child who is finding their way? Read this glorious testimony from my friend and be encouraged that God wants to and IS working in your child’s life too. 

“One of my daughters made messes in her life, and the Lord said she needed her own room. Five other siblings were extremely unhappy with this decision which was to be handled by privately sharing with me their feelings followed by prayer for their sister. I watched my daughter do everything you don’t want your teen child to do. I felt helpless and didn’t see God move. Then one day, when I cried and gave up, He said, ‘Why do you think you failed? Why do you think this has to do with you? Have you forgotten her calling? How will she learn to walk in her calling unless she develops the tools she needs by being in a home with the unconditional love of her mom, dad, and siblings, who will tolerate this season of her life?’ My prayer focus changed, and the way I would see her changed. Within a couple of months, my daughter broke ties with all she was doing after having a major encounter with Jesus. She needed that room so He could visit her and her walls could come down.”


God is so good. I have a mother and adult daughter taking our online JOURNEY class together because they want to grow closer and strengthen their relationships. I seriously could not imagine how deeply loved I would have felt if my mom had asked me to do this so that we could work out some of the kinks in our relationship (and to do it BEFORE I was married and had her grandkids). There is space for you to walk out your own JOURNEY further. 

Join us! Journey – ONLINE CLASS – Let the Children Fly

16 GOING ON 65

Teen boys are awesome and so much fun. I love that Hudson is growing into a man of bold character. HOWEVER, he is still a minor in my home. Doing this dance of ‘almost-a-man-but-still-a-child’ and has, at times, lacked some humility. It has been a bit of a challenge to teach him how to be humble without stepping on his new muscle of manhood. Recently I was at my wit’s end with his constant gray-haired wisdom, hurting our connection. I asked Jesus for a creative way to get to his heart without squelching it and waited for the revelation. I was out driving with the girls when the revelation came (oh, parenting with Jesus is so much fun). I texted him and told him to come out when the girls returned. He jumped in the driver’s seat, expecting to talk, but I told him to start driving. He was okay on the side roads, and I instructed him to go ahead and turn left (onto an incredibly busy intersection with blind corners), make his way down by the grocery store, and go south on the highway. He began to tell me he wasn’t ready (which he wasn’t), and I assured him it would be okay if he listened to my voice. He lamented, and I encouraged him. Finally, he began to beg me not to make him do it because he knew, in his own estimate, he wasn’t ready for the highway. I looked him square in the eyes and said, “That, my son, is humility. That is what I need to see in some other areas. You are growing and maturing, but you are not all-knowing and ready to take on everything. With some things, you still need my help and instruction.” Now, whenever he gets ‘overly wise,’ I simply ask if he wants to drive on the highway, and he knows immediately that it is time to dial it down a bit. Jesus is so much fun!


Hear what a mom taking our online JOURNEY class shares: “This class is so, so good. And very helpful. As I look back over the years, I’m getting so much revelation about my own family, specifically with our eldest son. Wow! So powerful. This class is helping to really connect the dots for me and also to deal with going forward. Even though I wish I had known or understood fully what you were teaching years ago, I’m choosing to rest in the truth. You have also reminded us that God is in charge of our children’s stories. And He wastes nothing.”


THIS IS WHAT REVIVAL WILL LOOK LIKE. Children often ACT OUT what they see and hear in the spiritual realm. Well-meaning adults discipline the BEHAVIOR without taking the time to discern the WHY. If more parents understood this, our homes, cities, and countries would be freer. 

Testimony from a parent taking our online JOURNEY class.

“I see an improvement with my son already since starting this class. We went to a nearby park, and a random kid came to me and said my son slapped him for no reason. When I asked my son what happened, he said that was true, and the reason was that he wanted to be playful. I couldn’t comprehend, and I knew I couldn’t just discipline him or try to make him think differently. So we went on a walk and asked Holy Spirit what was going on in his heart. He felt Holy Spirit was saying the same thing that he intended to be playful and then later said that he thought that was a good way to start playing with kids – by hurting them and apologizing and then they would be talking to each other. This was the key! My old tool was to have him apologize and sit out for a while and promise to be kind. That wouldn’t have worked. When we stepped away to talk to Holy Spirit, we saw that on the fence of the park were pictures drawn by kids of dragons, monsters, and a scary clown. I felt right away that there was a presence invited onto the playground through the art displayed. I asked my son what he thought about those pictures, and then we asked Holy Spirit what presence was here that needed to go. We took authority over the presence my son felt was on the playground and commanded it to go, and we invited Holy Spirit to come and be in charge of us and the kids. I love how God gives me opportunities to practice what I am learning here!”


The revelation this mom had taking our online parenting JOURNEY class is breathtaking.

“I am no longer an orphan. I have had a taste of not being an orphan, but I seem to always go back to the dump. I want to try to interact with others who God showed me are not only orphans but walking corpses… sounds horrific. And it is. But I see how I gave up my joy in the Lord to try and connect with the dead. I am so sick and sad by this… not only for me but for others. How do you show others a new dance move with Jesus when you are trying to do the lack of dance that you see? And then I am showing my boys to try and fit into a culture that is dead. No more.”


My son is just that – MY SON! He had made a mess by going against my instructions, not once but three times. He wanted something and felt tempted by it even though he knew it was wrong. As we walked through this, something really hurt my heart, and I had to process it with the Lord. Yes, teens rebel. I get that. Teen brain is a real thing. Yes, kids make messes. I get that. Foolishness is the right of the immature. But I am his mother and have established trust his entire life, and I am not about to let teen brain speak to him otherwise about who I am as his mom. I told him part of his consequence is to go back and handle the situation differently. He had to put some effort into really pondering how he could have done it differently, and I suggested he write me a note. Tears came to my eyes as I read his HEART on paper, communicating his wants and desires with me and asking for permission to ‘break the rule’ for the reasons listed. It was respectful, kind, and quite mature. I came to him and asked how he felt about the mess he had made and the consequences given. He felt awful as tears were still fresh in his eyes. I told him that God cares about the desires of his heart, and SO DO I. Had he taken the time to bring his desires in the light, he most likely could have not only had his wish granted but without the price tag of lying and breaking connection. Sin never works well in the long wrong, and I am so glad he is learning this more and more now.


“This course is a gift because it’s facilitating deeper intimacy with the Godhead. I do not seek to provide parents with information but rather TRANSFORMATION.”


My friend said it beautifully: “God showed me that the purpose of my parenting is not to turn my children into models (in whichever field), but for me to model His love to them. After that, the rest will fall into place automatically.”