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So much grieving happening all around us. From sickness to death to transition, many are finding themselves in a season of deep grief.

**The video stops abruptly at the end, and I chose not to re-do it. Grief in the Body – YouTube




God has been growing this message for parents in my heart for almost ten years. It has been a challenging thing to steward as it was so opposite spirit of the current church model for children. This is the birthing of this message as we continue to move into the Kingdom Era which will be marked by parents taking their rightful places of authority.

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This is what I repeatedly hear as I release this message to parents and church leaders.

“Lisa, you are giving words to what I have felt for a long time but didn’t know how to communicate.”

YES! Because the seed has already been placed inside of you, they are beginning to sprout. God trained you under the Church Era, but you were born for the Kingdom Era.

Children & Church – YouTube


It never ceases to amaze me how things like a family vacation, school breaks or holidays, etc. can cause a breakdown in the connection among siblings. It is easy to want to partner with scolding them for being so selfish, but the reality is they need HELP staying connected in different circumstances. I found myself putting out little fires between this one and that one, that one and this one. Finally, one morning I called a family meeting and had them close their eyes. I prayed and asked everyone to listen. “Jesus, has anyone in this room hurt, offended, or taken from me?” Every hand went up. I led them to forgive that person. I then walked through, “Jesus, is there anything I need to forgive ______ for?” and I went through each person’s name. I then asked, “Jesus, is there anyone in this room that I need to ask forgiveness for?” And every hand went up.

We walked through being humble and owning the ways we have hurt others. It generally isn’t the big things but rather the little things that build up over time. I shared with them that if each person had to forgive for two things, times the five of us, that is TEN hurts or offenses between us, and I had them picture a ball of yarn like a spider web between us that the enemy can use to pull and influence. We want to take out our spiritual scissors and cut the strings through forgiveness. The JOY and peace that come from these family times are tangible. I don’t want forced connections and fake smiles. I want my family to genuinely have love and care for each other, and sometimes we have to go after the little foxes of offense that are ruining the vineyard.

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