Playing in the Kingdom

Everyone gets to participate in God's family to change the world around you


Teach your children to do one random act of kindness every day. Allow them to partner with Jesus in deciding who and how but encourage them to be on the lookout daily for someone to be kind to.


As many of you know, I teach an online mentorship course that teaches parents how to release the Kingdom through their children as a family lifestyle. A while ago, I gathered these local moms and had them work with their children to host their own encounter stations where people will walk through each station and encounter the presence and His love – no teaching, no talking – just experiencing Him! Many of the children (and parents) ministered for the first time in a corporate setting. I kept seeing the face of Jesus full of excitement and joy. I believe that having kids release the Kingdom is what is going to teach many adults how to live like Jesus.


Sometimes the most spiritual thing is NOT praying for someone. We stopped at a grocery store to grab a snack. We were closer to one door, but I sensed we were supposed to go to the other side. Soon we discovered a homeless man and his dog. We were all ready to pray for him, but I got a strong “do not pray for him” in my spirit. I rarely question or doubt anymore, but I just trust it. When we got inside the store, I asked the kids to ask Jesus what He wanted us to know about that man and all of them heard, “He is hungry.” I went back out and asked him if we could get him some food. Oh, the look of hunger on that man’s face. We went back to the store and picked out a meal for him as if he was a king. Lauren, my animal lover, wanted to buy stuff for the dog, too. The love of the Father was deposited into each of us for that man and his beloved dog. I don’t know the story. I don’t know the why, but God does. We should never seek to just DO in the name of religion but should only do whatever the Father asks. In this case, meeting a human need was our assignment, not prayers. Sometimes people do not need to HEAR about Jesus – they need to SEE Him!


“I really wanted to start teaching my 3-year-old daughter to give based on hearing the Lord’s voice. We went out to dinner, and the Lord gave me a vision of a Rice Krispie treat. I told my daughter that Jesus wanted us to buy a Rice Krispie treat for someone in the restaurant. Once purchased, I asked her to ask Jesus who He wanted to give this treat to. She repeated after me and asked Jesus who it was for. She then pointed to a young woman and said, ‘her.’ So we went up to the gal who had a book out and was clearly studying/taking notes, and my daughter said, ‘Jesus wants you to have this Rice Krispie treat.’ The woman said thank you, and we went to our table to eat. While sitting, The Lord kept telling me the woman needed to know He loves her, that He likes her and that she is beautiful. We finished our dinner, and as we were heading out the door, I stopped and explained why Jesus wanted her to have the treat, that He loved her, liked her, and that she was beautiful to Him. She then replied, ‘You don’t understand, I just bought this book (turning it over so I could read the cover – it was a study on all religions… Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc… She currently was taking very detailed notes on Judaism). I’m at a very spiritual place in my life. I was raised Lutheran, baptized Lutheran, converted to Catholicism, married a Morman, and have several Muslim friends. I bought this so I can study and choose what religion I’m going to become.’ She was in complete awe of what just had happened. I know the Lord will water this seed. Even if I didn’t go back to tell her that Jesus loves her, Jesus still gave her a Rice Krispie treat at the very moment she was studying which religion to become. I love our God! All this was possible because of your ministry, encouragement, and example, and my daughter learning to hear the voice of the Lord. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Thank You, Jesus!!”


Oftentimes it is a child’s faith mixed with our teaching that causes growth in the family. They need your instruction, and you need their childlike faith.


I love what my friend is doing to impact families!

“Here’s a very special and proud moment for me. I was invited to give a parenting talk about creating a prophetic culture at home, and I had two very special guests. These two have been part of my Prophetic School since the start of it. After training them for almost a year, I invited them to join me in ministry. I really admire their courage for stepping up, standing in front of a crowd, and holding the mic for the very first time in their life. Though nervous, they did their best. They shared about their prophetic journey and prophesied over some people. Their words were so impactful and accurate. Here is an example. One of them asked if anyone had drawn a picture of a cross recently. A lady raised her hand and shared that she just drew one during the talk. The other kid continued and asked if she liked nature as she saw a vision of a tree. The lady said yes and that God always speaks to her when she’s out in nature. There is really no junior Holy Spirit! These two kids can prophesy better than many adults that I know. What the next generation needs is someone to believe in them, teach them, empower them and give them a platform to learn and shine. I was so proud of them, and I look forward to many more moments like this in the future.”


I am putting out a challenge to all Let the Children Fly families. A while ago, I was feeling really discouraged and said, “I just wish someone would see me,” and I heard the Lord say, “Go see others.” Each morning we would have devotion time as a family, and I told the kids to bring their phones. I prayed, asking God to highlight someone in my mind. I started a group text with me, that person, and my kids, and we each gave them a prophetic word. It was so life-giving to US that we did it again and again. Ever since, each morning, we have a prophetic time where we intentionally ask Jesus for a word for someone else. 

I challenge your family to join us. It not only strengthens your spiritual hearing, but it also brings light and hope to the hearts of others.


I remember the day I made a big parenting mess. My reaction was strong, and the child’s crime did not justify the response. I was triggered and knew it. Normally situations like that would take me days to overcome all of the shame and profound guilt. My mind would spin about being a terrible mom and how sorry I felt for my children. I felt so inadequate raising them, knowing I was on my own journey. Nothing cripples a mama more than feeling like she is negatively affecting her own babies. But I remember the day well. I made a mess, and this time I could give myself compassion and grace. Yes, I needed to confess my behavior to God and ask my child for forgiveness, but this time I did not go down the rapid river of shame. Instead, I stood my ground in being repentant – admitting wrongdoing – but not condemning myself. I was able to speak to my heart gently and not full of accusations. I could be humble that I was wrong without beating myself up. It was glorious. It was the day I experienced making a mistake without shame.


Ellie (8) walked into the store and immediately grabbed this huge Valentine’s box of candy and declared, “We have to buy this!” to which I replied, “Oh, no, we don’t.” She said it wasn’t for her but for someone else. Her persistence caught me off guard, and she was clearly on assignment. I wasn’t sure what God was up to, but I was excited to see it unfold. She spotted a worker and knew immediately it was for her, but she was busy. We kept walking around, and Ellie had this ‘Christmas morning’ type of excitement about giving this girl a gift. We made our way to the seasonal section, and I tried to get her to pick out a less expensive one, but she said, “No, Mom, it can’t be small, but something that lavishes on her.” Finally, the worker was available, and Ellie explained to her that God told her to buy a gift for someone and that she was highlighted to her. She was so taken off guard and unsure how to respond. Ellie went on to say that God wanted her to know that she was loved and so special to Him and then handed her the (BIG) box of chocolates. 

Children have the ability to access people’s hearts in ways adults can’t reach. They are such sharp arrows in the Kingdom!


“God, will You highlight someone to me?”

Just listen to whatever pops up immediately. Ask God what they need prayer for right now and pray for them.

Gather as a family in the living room, in the car, at the dinner table, or bedtime, and ask Jesus together. This is so empowering for children because they get to witness how God communicates with you, which increases their faith, and together you get to encounter Him. Spiritual hearing is a muscle that is strengthened by worshiping and praying. The more you do it, the stronger you become at it.