Glorious testimonies from those in our Kingdom Parenting JOURNEY online class


This sums up Kingdom parenting. We can’t usher them into the palace while we are living in the dump. God wants US to experience His goodness so that we can parent from that place for our children.

“To be completely transparent, this lesson made me realize that I honestly do not know my own identity in God. I’m not sure how I could ever hope or expect to teach my daughter or for her to understand her identity in God if I don’t even know it for myself.”


A mom in class writes: There were SO MANY AWESOME TIDBITS in this lesson!! I love the discussion about letting our kids know God’s character. When Mommy messes up and yells, it’s one thing to apologize and let them know what I did was wrong, but it takes it one beautiful step further to remind them ‘God would never speak to you like that or lose His cool, God is slow to anger and abounding in love.’ So so valuable for helping my kids know the truth of God’s love even in my weakness.”


Glorious message from a mom taking our online JOURNEY class.

“Is your child empowered with how to speak truth to a lost world around them? YES, YES, YES!!!! As a young girl, I seemed like the only one in my family and friends that would not want to watch things that I felt were wrong. I would watch movies like Friday the 13th with my friends and comfort them; telling them it wasn’t real.”



“This lesson was pure and abundant JOY for me! I have read, journaled, and soaked up so much goodness from this. My youngest daughter is nine and gets frustrated that she doesn’t hear God talk to her. I told her of your example that God is a chatterbox, and she thought that was pretty funny. We laughed and giggled for a while, then I had her ask Jesus what He wanted her to do right now, and for the first time EVER, she heard Him say, ‘Go snuggle with your puppies.’ I was so glad to see her try to connect with her Father without frustration. That little response was a big step for her, and for that, I am grateful.”


Parents are rising up in their rightful place, and watching God move is so much fun.

“I feel much more equipped to teach my kids. I like that my parenting is beginning to come from the overflow of my own walk with Jesus. I see the importance of working through big emotions and situations with my kids instead of just using quick-fix band-aid solutions.”

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Testimony from our online Kingdom Parenting class: “We have had a lot of fun learning and practicing our authority. We’ve been using the visual aid of a stuffed little puppy as fear and making it whine and run away when we command it to go. We have been commanding fear to leave each night, and we are nightmare free!!! Such praise! Thank you so much for this inspiration!”


I wanted to share this conversation with a mom taking our class. I think it will help many of you (the lesson was on being spiritually clean).

MOM: “I have only seen a demonic spirit once, and I was about 16. I was briefly warned at some point and just commanded it to be gone in Jesus’ name. It fled immediately and dramatically, and my friend saw it too. Following that event, I was terrified that something bigger would come back to get me, and I wouldn’t be brave enough to make it leave.”

LISA: “It is amazing to me how powerful these events can be for a child (16 is still a child). If you came to me back then, I would praise you for using your authority over it, AND I would have encouraged you to ask Holy Spirit to fill you. The Bible says when we tell the bad to go, we must invite the good to come. You telling the bad to go but not filling yourself with Him left you vulnerable (fearing it would come back stronger). Had someone been able to help you pray for Him to cover and fill you, I do not think you would have battled the fear of its return. But now you know for your own sake and helping your children.”

MOM: “You articulate that the Holy Spirit was missing; it is obvious. Such a simple need but missing it has produced decades of timidity. Even when I was being bold, there was a lack of understanding, and I feel at peace now. My son had a bad dream one night, and my husband and I knew just what to do. We used our authority over the fear and invited the Holy Spirit, and he had a peaceful night.”

LISA: “I would go back to him and check in with him by saying something like, ‘Hey buddy, remember the other night when you were feeling scared? Have you had any thoughts like that again, or was it resolved?’ If it was resolved, help him to see how powerful the name of Jesus is and that He is always there for him in his time of need. If it has returned, you know what to do to help him so that it doesn’t follow him around for years. So proud of you!”


Two types of parents take our online Kingdom parenting JOURNEY class. #1. Those who are so hungry and eager to learn how to empower their children. #2 Those who are so exhausted and eager to learn how to be a Daughter. God meets both in our class, and we have a spot for you whenever you are ready.

Journey – ONLINE CLASS – Let the Children Fly


While everyone gets something different out of our JOURNEY class, one of the biggest takeaways is HOW to parent. Sadly, few of us had parents who modeled the Kingdom well for us, leaving us with a desire without a vision for how to make it a reality. It is not uncommon for moms to message me weeping over the lessons as they finally feel like they can SEE how to mother their children. Yet, I have such a feeling of joy and freedom being released through these Kingdom activities.

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