We have authority over the enemy


I had a dream that literally shifted something so deep I will never be the same. I was with the kids, and we had just parked our vehicle in a driveway of a home for sale. We lived in our car, but it didn’t feel like homelessness or lack. We were happy, content, and had more than enough space. The kids remained in the car while I went to see the home. Upon walking out with the real estate agent, I noticed my eldest and youngest daughter were quarreling. I was a tad frustrated that I had to interrupt the transaction of paying CASH and signing the contract to deal with their argument. When I came to the back seat of the car, I saw the look on my eldest daughter’s face. She was raging red, and her hair was matted down with sweat as she and my baby were not just a little miffed but playing for blood. I have never in all my years of parenting seen my kids so violent and in rage against each other and it scared me. I knew my words would not get their attention, so I grabbed my youngest, who was closest to me and had to pull her out by her head. She fell to the driveway and went limp. She was in serious pain and physically hurt from fighting with her big sister. I woke up at 4am with every fiber in my body alert. I had to go touch them physically just to make sure they were both okay. I sat in my chair in the middle of the night asking the Lord to show me what just happened. Instantly He began to show me that my vehicle represented my calling/ministry, and while we were content where we were, I am about to receive an upgrade (3 level house). I have already sown into the increase and was ready to pay cash for it and move in. But the transaction/upgrade was interrupted by the fighting. I heard the Lord say, “The fighting has to stop NOW!” He said it with a loving, yet stern voice of a father who was serious. He began to show me that my eldest daughter represented my current self, and my youngest daughter presented my younger (wounded) self. They were at WAR! Even though my eldest is nearly double in size, my youngest was holding her own and causing just as much damage to her big sister. He showed me that before the transaction/upgrade could occur, the fighting must stop! What was the fight over? The little girl kept telling her big sister that she was dismissed. Constantly hearing, “You are dismissed and unworthy” prevented the big sister from being able to receive love even though she longed for it. While the big sister represented my current self, the part of me that was still hurt from my past, kept telling me I wasn’t worth it. Both girls were so strong and out to ‘kill’ the other because it was impossible to live in peace with both present.

Friends, the war within ourselves must cease in order to experience all that God has planned for us.


A friend was telling me that when she moved to a new state, she encountered the spirit of Jezebel on a whole new level. It went on for a while, and she was really worn out. Finally, she was talking to God about it, and He said, “She isn’t chasing you. I sent you to chase her!” So often, we feel like we are in battle, as if we are the ones being attacked, when in reality, we are the ones taking ground. The enemy is nervous about what you carry, and God sends you places on purpose, with great intention to bring His Kingdom.

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I wanted to share this conversation with a mom taking our class. I think it will help many of you (the lesson was on being spiritually clean).

MOM: “I have only seen a demonic spirit once, and I was about 16. I was briefly warned at some point and just commanded it to be gone in Jesus’ name. It fled immediately and dramatically, and my friend saw it too. Following that event, I was terrified that something bigger would come back to get me, and I wouldn’t be brave enough to make it leave.”

LISA: “It is amazing to me how powerful these events can be for a child (16 is still a child). If you came to me back then, I would praise you for using your authority over it, AND I would have encouraged you to ask Holy Spirit to fill you. The Bible says when we tell the bad to go, we must invite the good to come. You telling the bad to go but not filling yourself with Him left you vulnerable (fearing it would come back stronger). Had someone been able to help you pray for Him to cover and fill you, I do not think you would have battled the fear of its return. But now you know for your own sake and helping your children.”

MOM: “You articulate that the Holy Spirit was missing; it is obvious. Such a simple need but missing it has produced decades of timidity. Even when I was being bold, there was a lack of understanding, and I feel at peace now. My son had a bad dream one night, and my husband and I knew just what to do. We used our authority over the fear and invited the Holy Spirit, and he had a peaceful night.”

LISA: “I would go back to him and check in with him by saying something like, ‘Hey buddy, remember the other night when you were feeling scared? Have you had any thoughts like that again, or was it resolved?’ If it was resolved, help him to see how powerful the name of Jesus is and that He is always there for him in his time of need. If it has returned, you know what to do to help him so that it doesn’t follow him around for years. So proud of you!”


I have ten-year-old twins, and one has always been more mature, taller, developed faster, and learned easier than the other. They are only a minute apart but have never looked like it. I have guarded against comparisons and tried hard to express value for where they are in all areas, but some of the differences were obvious. In the last several weeks, the younger twin has sprouted! I was talking to her about the drastic ‘overnight’ change, and she said, “I think it is because of Chris Gore.” I asked what she meant by that, and she told me that at camp, he taught them the power of their tongue and to bless their bodies. She said ever since his teaching, she has spoken blessings over her hands, mind, personality, etc.! Come on! She has grown inches – both figuratively and literally – by the power of blessing herself. Wow! Wow! Wow!


Authority has to be rooted in faith, not power. You don’t have the power to heal. Jesus does. You do so when you take aspirin because you trust it will work! When we pray, we must have the same confident faith in His ability to work. If we pray from a place of authority, we will be frustrated. If we pray from a place of faith, we will rise in our God-given authority to defeat the works of the devil and usher heaven into a situation.


Jump into this story with me for a moment. Picture a child woken up by a nightmare and running to her mom and dad’s room. They welcome her into bed and let her know she is safe. But the next night, she is awoken again and again. Mom and Dad begin to argue about where she should stay when she comes into their room at night. Mom thinks she should sleep in the middle of them to feel safe, but Dad thinks she needs to be on the floor next to them. Each night she returns to their room, and each day, they battle about where she should sleep.

Ephesians 6:12 says, “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Do you believe this Scripture? If we believe the Word, then we need to give space that not all things we endure are in the natural realm (body, emotions, relationships, etc.). We’re made up of a body, mind/emotions, and spirit. We experience everything on all three levels, as we can’t be separated from them. It’s perplexing to me that since we are mind, body, and spirit, we have spent so much time talking about how Big C has affected the BODY but so little time talking about it in the SPIRITUAL realm. It is like having a child who is acting out, and we talk about the behavior but never get to what is under it, causing the behavior. If you want to change that child’s behavior, you have to look under the foul behavior to see the root. We are focusing on the ‘fruit’ of Big C, not diving deeper into the root and using the proper tools to deal with it. We spend so much time and energy arguing about managing it. A divided line of the war of words over face shields and pokes. I would like to suggest we seek the ROOT and chop it off at its head like every other assignment of the enemy. Big C did not come to bring life and abundance. In fact, it has come to steal, kill and destroy (peace, connection, life, physical ability, families, etc.) (John 10:10). The fruit of it has brought chaos, confusion, isolation, death, fear, worry, anxiety, etc. I am deeply saddened by so many of my close friends who have had to bury their mothers or fathers prematurely in the season. I am heartbroken by the scores of grandparents who are coming under the spirit of suicide and acting on it. I am so burdened by the scores of parents coming under a hopeless spirit. I am angered that the long-term and/or permanent side effects are brain fog and chronic fatigue syndrome.

THIS IS A SPIRIT! You do not need to partner with it and come under it. You can REBUKE IT in the name of Jesus, who is above every name, including the name of the Big C. You can REBUKE the spirit of death knocking on your loved one’s door. You can REBUKE the word curses of it affecting your ability to think clearly because God did not give you a spirit of shrinking back but of power, love, and a CLEAR MIND. All the battles, war of words, and conviction about the best way to MANAGE this spirit are only strengthening it because we are fighting about the things in the natural when we need to be fighting this on the spiritual level. If a child has a nightmare, we want to comfort them, but we must also go back the next day and teach them their authority over the spirit that chased them out of their area of domain, robbed them of their peace, and stole our rest. The more we come under, coddle, and partner with this, the stronger it becomes.

Want to know the best way to leave our children unprotected and vulnerable? Have those in authority over them (parents, teachers, leaders, pastors) wage war against each other on their views on how to MANAGE this spirit; meanwhile, no one is dealing with it in the spiritual realm where we have the authority as believers. Want to know the best way to keep our children safe and protected? USE YOUR AUTHORITY IN YOUR OWN HOME! I fully understand it is attacking the natural body, and it comes with many unpleasant side effects on the body, but we are praying for physical healing, as if it is a broken bone or a cold. This is also a spiritual issue that requires AUTHORITY. Jesus says He has given us all authority to defeat the enemy, but we must put a verb in that gift of authority and use it. I had brain fog so bad I would look at my child and think, “I know you have a name, but I can’t remember it.” When I would stand, I wanted to sit; when I was sitting, I wanted to lie down, but every time I did, I felt worse. I finally took authority over it – not the sickness, the spirit – and within 30 minutes, it broke off of me completely. When someone speaks over you, “Brain fog and chronic fatigue are long-term or permanent side effects,” and the person partners with it, it is like agreeing with it. I do NOT agree with having my brain be so confused that I can’t even remember my child’s name. I rebuke that spirit in operation. I had a dear friend who got it and became very ill. Another friend had a dream and was told to “cast out the spirit called Big C.” The next day she went to my friend’s house, rebuked that spirit off of her, and she began to see immediate improvement. In the midst of my battle, I had a dream where I could see massive construction cranes putting together mighty bars of steel. I heard them clink together as metal hit metal. In my dream, I was aware that what I saw was actually on the cellular level inside my body. And then I heard the words, “The purpose of Big C is now complete (as the metal bars hit together).” In my dream, I was fighting because I didn’t want the purpose to be complete; given the spirit behind it. I was struggling deeply in the dream to fight against the stream. I then had another dream where God said, “If you would get up and walk, you will be healed.” For those of you who have had it have you noticed that when you lay around (which your body screams for), you feel worse, but if you get up and move, you actually feel better? I believe this is a strategy of the Lord while dealing with this attack on our bodies. GET UP AND WALK in the spiritual realm. Do not lie down, sit, be idle, and partner with the spirit behind this. We are not ‘sick’ and need ‘healing.’ We are under attack and need authority to rebuke it. Big C is a name, and every name shall bow to the name of Jesus. Are you declaring this over your home? Your children? Your body? Your aging parents? Your community? Your pastors?

This is the prayer written by my friend who had the dream. “Lord, I praise You for being the Life-Giver, Healer, Deliverer, and the One who carries supreme authority! Your Spirit dwells within me, and You have given me the authority on the earth and Your name to use that is above all names. I overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of my testimony” (Rev. 12:11). (Do not lay hands on someone when dealing with the enemy/spirits). “In the name of Jesus and His authority, I command the ‘spirit of Big C’ (add, if you are led – spirit of death) to be cast out of (_____) and never EVER to return! You must come out now, in Jesus’ name! (Mark 16:17). In the name of Jesus and His authority, I break every curse, spell, incantation, and assignment, including all immediate and lingering side effects attached to that spirit, and I render them null and void!” (Gal.3:13). Now that we have dealt with the bad, you can lay hands on the person and invite the good to come. The Bible instructs us always to pray for the person to be filled with the Holy Spirit afterward. “In Jesus’ Name and His authority, I loosen and release the Holy Spirit’s resurrection power in (_____) body to touch, heal, and bring new life to every cell, organ, and system that was affected and infected by the spirit of Big C (Rom. 8:11). I praise You and thank You, Jesus, for Your absolute and complete healing and deliverance right now in (_____) life. All glory be to our Holy King Jesus and His finished work on the Cross, who lives, reigns, and rules overall! I trust You completely because You love (_____) and are faithful to Your Word!”


Seriously, how can you not get excited about hearing a testimony like this?

“Lisa, I wanted to write this testimony to you! We were at the park, and I’ve been dwelling on your lesson on playing in the kingdom. Since chatting with you about how my son sees and feels darkness, I’ve been paying attention a lot and using it to keep watch over our atmospheres. We were at the park playing, and a young couple in their teens came to play on the slide near us, and as the young girl got close, he started to run towards me, telling me he saw a bad person (his word for demon) in her direction. He kept saying it; I tried to keep him quiet and honestly wanted him to stop because I didn’t really know what to say or do, but I realized that I sensed darkness over her too. When I pressed into it, God showed me that she’s been experiencing great torment at night and anxiety during the day, and we immediately went over to pray for her. We got to pray over her, got words of knowledge for her and her boyfriend, and they were both deeply touched. I never imagined I’d get to love on people with my son at such a young age, but you’ve helped encourage me to listen when he sees and do something about it.”


We moved to a brand-new location and learned of a school shooting in the first week and then another. To make matters worse, graphic photos were going around social media, that only added to the fear. I was with a bunch of moms who suggested we pray, which we did, as prayer is extremely powerful and greatly effective, but I wanted my children to be empowered as they are the ones who had to walk through the halls each day. I called a family meeting, and we talked about what they had heard and what was on their minds. I reminded them of the authority they carry, and we talked through how they had a legal right in that school being students. I told them they could walk through the school doors each morning and bind all assignments of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy and loosen to their school safety, protection, and peace. Furthermore, I reminded them should they ever be in a lockdown situation, which they do drills for often, that many students would be releasing fear, worry, and panic, but that they could step over the fear and intentionally release peace to the situation. Calling on the name of Jesus in our time of need alters the situation, and our children can be empowered to be agents of heaven. Yes, pray for your children, but make sure THEY are empowered with the authority they carry. Will you teach your children how powerful their prayers and declarations are in their own schools?


I had the following vision: I was in the passenger seat while Hudson was driving. He was starting out and very nervous. We went on a very busy and narrow road and drove extremely slow, causing other drivers to get upset and speed past him. I told him to pull over and let the cars pass, but he got nervous and pulled off too quickly, almost causing an accident. He was so nervous simply because it was a new experience for him. A police officer pulled up behind us, and I immediately said, “I will handle this,” and got out of the car. I approached the officer defending my son. The police officer saw me as a threat and drew his weapon. It was a very serious situation. When the vision was over, I was a little startled by it. I asked God what He wanted me to know and heard this: #1. You are not in the driver’s seat of Hudson’s life – he is. #2. You are not the one in final authority – He is. I knew God was showing me that I had overextended my involvement in his life (in a particular area) and was motivated by a lack of trusting God with my son. I repented.


So many of you precious people are feeling worn out, discouraged, and in battle. May I encourage you? The enemy’s assignment is to wear you out (Daniel 7:25). But God has given us the tools of warfare. Now more than ever, we must know and apply our armor daily. Ephesians 6:10-17 outlines God’s protective covering over your mind, body, and spirit. But it is conditional – you must pick it up. Spend some time going over your armor, and then GET IT ON! This is not the season to do life on your own strength. In fact, Ephesians 6:10 says our power must come from His strength, not our own. You will overcome, but you have to do it His way!