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  1. This is an amazing journey!
    I hope I’m doing the lessons correctly.
    Not very tech savvy…lol.

  2. Thank you Lisa so much for this, this course feels like it really has changed my life, I was thinking this morning I am so grateful that I did it now and can’t even imagine not knowing these truths like two weeks ago!! And this introduction to my younger self has truly BLESSED my heart, I have tears in my eyes, because it really caused me to think deeply about this precious little girl in such a positive and loving way, it feels like I have so much affection for her and feels like I love her like I love one of my own children! I pray that your ministry will go from GLORY to GLORY and from STRENGTH to STRENGTH! I thank God for you and for the blessing you have been in my life and I know will be in the future also!

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