I am

an empowered parent, entrepreneur, speaker, teacher, motivator, writer and relentless encourager.

I am

an empowered parent, entrepreneur, speaker, teacher, motivator, writer and relentless encourager.

Born and raised in the land of 10,000 lakes (we stopped counting at 100) and moved outside Boulder, Colorado where my four precious gems were born. Back in 2011, I heard God say, “Enroll them!” I sold my house and made the trek across the country in a U-haul carrying my precious cargo. We landed in Redding, California.

Not to be mistaken as SoCal, for we are a land of our own this far north. But it is home and where our roots have sprouted. 

I have always been fiercely aware of family, or in my case, therefore lack of. The group home I once called home took us on a field 

trip to one of those 10,000 lakes on a hot summer day.  A man physically punishing a child caught my eye and gripped my heart. The pain was so obvious, yet no one else seemed to see it, or at least do something about it. I felt obligated to step in, not being much older than the child myself, I felt compelled to let the child know someone cared.

I had to walk out my own journey being that hurting child first. It took years. It was hard. It took courage. When I was 26 years old, I was driving down the road and a strong foreign feeling came over me. It took me a moment to process, and I realized that for the first time in my life I felt happy. Oh, the work God had to do in my heart.

I was so passionate about the fruit in my own life, I began the training to help others. I sat under many people for years to learn the skills and gain the tools needed to help others find freedom, peace, and empowerment.

Little did I know what a lifeline it would mean to my future children’s lives.

I am a poster child for the work of God’s redemption. My life displays HIS ability well. However, it did not encourage me at all, as a mom, to know my children were at the threshold of the same path God just redeemed me of. No way did I want that for my children. Years of pain and heartbreak that turn into bad choices and living out the consequences of that wounded place. No!

Our breaking point became the birthing process for our ministry.

I had four children under four, including twins (‘WOW!’, I know). When my baby turned one, we became a solo family. It was hard, very (very, very) hard. Of everything I have endured in life, nothing came close to watching my four babies bleed with emotional pain. While I surely knew how to help an adult work through these issues, I was clueless to help a one-year-old, a four-year-old and two five-year-olds.

One night in particular the pain in my daughter’s heart was more than she could bear and I felt powerless as a mama to help her. I called my mentor in all seriousness and asked her to place my kids in foster care. Not because I did not love them but because I DID love them and I knew deep down I was not equipped to help them. It is a low place for a Mama when she believes she is not enough for her babies.

Thankfully my mentor did not listen to me, but what she said next birthed something so deep within me it altered how I parented. She said, “Lisa, all of heaven grieves with you for what you and the children are going through, but you have got to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and equip your children to deal with their reality.” She went on to say there are 50 year old’s who have not yet learned that their father does not determine their worth and value. It IS sad that instead of frolicking carefree chasing butterflies my children were dealing with the reality of loss, rejection, and pain, but that was their reality. Something came over me, almost like floodwater rising, and I dried my tears with a resolve, ‘YES! I am going to equip them’. How? I had no clue, but soon learned I was not alone in my parenting.

God set the stage to woo me into a partnership with Him in my parenting that has only strengthened over the years.

I believe we must have a partnership with our child’s Creator if we want them to thrive fully in today’s world.

That means sometimes we must deal with the issues in our childhood that are holding us back from being fully engaged, responding in peace, and able to empower our children.

I passionately believe that God does family well. He is the original parent and has a pretty good track record all these years of being a Father. He creates us in His image and then places us in the arms of imperfect people. He knows ahead of time all of the mistakes, bad days, and raised voices yet allows it because He trusts himself to work it out. 

He then creates another generation fully aware of what the parent did or didn’t receive and using this thing called parenting to redeem the things that we did or didn’t get in childhood. The child does not parent us, but God parents us through our children. 

I have one goal in mind...

through our free resources or our paid classes – to help you be the parent you always dreamed you would be someday. Let’s make that a reality!

Whether you are raising teenagers, have grandchildren, little ones tugging at your feet all day or are newlyweds the message of Let the Children Fly is for you because at the end of the day we are all children wanting to fly.

This is not a step by step formula for parenting, I am not a do-it-right-all-the-time mother, nor is this a keeping-up-with-the-Jones perfect parent method. This is about real people, real messes, real situations doing it the way God designed; with Him!

My commitment is to empower you with the tools and revelations He has first given to my family and to do it in a way that is practical, real and obtainable. You will not find perfect parenting in my message, but you will find a perfect Partner.

Thank you for trusting me in your parenting journey, I am excited for your adventure ahead.

Be blessed!