Lavish – My daughter had to do a report on a historical figure and needed to dress like her. In my mind, I found myself thinking about how I could whip the outfit together in the simplest and cheapest way possible. After all, she only needed to wear it for fifteen minutes. But being my ever-so-creative child, she wanted something elaborate and involved. I couldn’t come to a place of peace about spending X amount on it. Finally, I heard Holy Spirit say, “Your daughter is learning that I care about her desires, too. I want you to LAVISH on her.”  My frugal ‘wisdom’ was replaced with God’s love for her.

As parents, we sometimes get so out of balance in making sure our children are full of self control, self discipline and setting the bar so high that we often forget to teach them that God is full of joy and fun, too. While I am not advocating an absence of these things, sometimes we just need to know that Papa God is also a God who desires to lavish abundance on His children!