Empowering children to obey fully and completely the first time. Deuteronomy 28:1.

Expose your child to horses whether that be taking a field trip to a horse farm, simply pulling off the side of the road near one, getting a video from the library or finding them on the Internet. They are so beautiful and powerful. Talk about how a horse is powerful on their own, but when the bridle is in their mouth, they are trained to obey the rider right away. All the rider needs to do is gently move the reigns to the left or right and the horse automatically goes in that direction. They are not stubborn or demanding of their own way, they simply follow the commands of the rider. Explain to your child that God wants us to respond this way to His instructions. He doesn’t just want us to obey in the end, but wants us to do so fully and completely right away.

In the days ahead when you need your child to follow your instructions, remind them of the character of a horse. Often when my children were younger and not following the instructions I had given them I would simply say, “Mama needs you to be a horse right now” and they all knew that meant they were behaving in a way that was the opposite of what I had instructed. It was a great tool for when we were in public as it spared them the embarrassment of being called out in front of others.