When there is an issue with a child consider 1 of 3 possibilities:

#1. Teach/Train – You haven’t yet fully taught, trained and equipped your child with the behavior you DO want. We should be teaching in the time of peace as a proactive measure to set our kids up for success. If you are frustrated with your child’s behavior, ask yourself what have you done to teach and train them. A great way to measure this is ask, ‘What did you do wrong?’ If they honestly can not answer you, then you haven’t yet trained them (therefore ‘discipline’ is punishment, not corrective). Make it fun, role play, be silly, teach with simple easy instructions or games.

#2. Parent Issue – Your child is doing something that is triggering something in you and the change needs to happen on your end, not theirs. God is allowing your child to ‘touch’ that part of you that needs healing so that you can get free and be at peace.

#3. Hurt, Lie or Offense – The child has a hurt, lie or offense that is causing a heart splinter and they are acting out the agitation that is going on inside of them.

How in the world are we to know which one it is? ASK! Psalms 139. ‘Holy Spirit, is this issue theirs or mine?’ ‘What does their heart need?’ ‘What does my heart need?’ ‘Can you please give me a creative solution for handling this?’