Holy Spirit is giving keys to parents around the globe to unlock their child’s heart….

A Father Shares: “This thing is working man!! Last night our kids got into it, it ended with our daughter crying and son trying to defend himself. I asked him what happened and he told me everything that had happened except leaving out what he had done. Instead of continuing to question him for the truth, Holy Spirit told me to tell him to go to his room and ask Jesus what happened. 5 minutes later he comes back and this time he told me the entire story including his portion of it! Then I asked him what did Jesus say, he said, “Jesus told me to talk to her instead of pushing her and making her fall”… Yay!!

What Does Fear Look Like – Tonight, my son told my husband there was a ‘bumble bee’ in the corner of his bed and it was scary, so he couldn’t sleep. My husband first prayed over it and then taught our son to say, “Go Away in Jesus Name.” He fell right asleep after that. Praise God!! Elementary Aged Kids have a limited vocabulary and range of understanding, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t seeing/hearing things in the spiritual realm. It takes a wise parent to really ‘hear’ what the child is saying. It had nothing to do with bumble bees and everything to do with fear being in the room. Kudos to this father for ‘hearing’ his son.

Don’t Mess with My Kids! – Tonight we went to the playground with some friends. They were all playing ball nicely when 3 boys entered the scene and joined them. The boys left early and my kids came to tell me how mean they were and the awful things they were saying to them. I told them to shake it off and go enjoy the rest of the time at the park, but apparently one of the boys said upon leaving that they would be back to beat them up. I could tell the kids were partnering with intimidation so I asked them to ask Jesus if He would show them a picture of the boys hearts. All of the kids heard really big stuff. I then asked them to ask Jesus what is the name of the KEY He wanted them to use with their hearts. They went off to play and sure enough the boys came back. I walked over to them and this love just fell in my heart for them. It was so easy to see these boys were not bullies, but treasures! I asked if they wanted to play ball with the other kids and one of them confessed they didn’t know how to play the game the way they were playing it (uh-ah, perhaps he wasn’t a bully, but feeling inadequate and afraid to admit his weakness). His eyes locked with mine, and I told him that I could see he was a strong leader and that I believed he had the skills to work it out and encouraged him to try again. They ended up being a nice group of boys playing a mean game of ball!!!

A Mom Shares – Today during lunch my daughter, 11, told us about a boy in her class who feels left out and excluded. We listened to what God said about him and got beautiful pictures. One child saw him with a crown on his head and happy near God, another saw two angels comforting him. There was a picture of him playing with his classmates, they formed a circle around him and he was very happy. We then prayed these things over him. Holy Spirit told me to buy index cards and start writing the things down we hear from Him.

I Am SO Happy – We were at a store and my son had his money in hand. He was on the hunt for something to buy- in a store that he normally wouldn’t buy something in but, he had money and it was a lot, to his standards, and he had the urge to spend it. He found this watch that he really wanted. He showed it to me and I said, ‘It’s nice’. You have a watch already but it’s up to you. After a while of hanging on to the watch he came up to me and said ” Mom, I asked God if I should spend my money on this watch and he said I didn’t really need it. So, I’m not going to buy it. He’s right.” I didn’t even have to tell him to go ask his Father about it. He turned to Him on his own. My heart was celebrating and I told him I was proud of him for making the right choice and listening to God. :)) It’s a step in an AWESOME direction and a glimpse of a result of this class. So thank you. Thank you for your help, your words, and showing us how to seek God in everything we do.

Hurt Hearts – I am so thrilled about the class and already see breakthroughs in our family, even though I am just learning. Today I heard both our girls ages 4 & 5 start crying and being upset at the same time. After hearing that one said ‘ewww’ to a song the other was singing, she ruined the floor puzzle they had been building. I explained that they both hurt each other’s hearts, and they told each other how they felt. Then I was having them apologize and ask for forgiveness. One apologized, but the other refused. Not sure what to do, I asked her to draw a picture of how she felt. 2 minutes later she returned with a picture of an upside down heart and a regular heart. She said her heart felt upside down when she didn’t say sorry, and that it felt right when she did. So she went right away and apologized. All was well once again! Was pretty amazed that is how she felt when not apologizing! Anyways, thank you Lisa for sharing your experiences and journey and what you’ve learned with Holy Spirit. I can’t wait for more breakthrough with Him.

Brotherly Love – Kids were arguing and I felt led to ask my son what he thought Jesus wanted him to do now. He just walked over to his sister and started talking to her!! It wasn’t manipulation or guilt or shame but freedom because he did everything from listening to Papa instead of me! I want more of this! Thank you Holy Spirit!

It Works – Ok, this is really awesome and timely because AGAIN I have been having some trouble with my daughter taking naps, and I got to the point of frustration where I just had to leave the room for about 10 minutes. I got so tired that I finally texted my friend to ask for prayer for it — she said “I release rest over you” and no more than 10 minutes later she was calmed down and she was nursing and then fell asleep! AWESOME! Thank you, Lord. I needed to hear this because I have a tendency to be timid in my prayers but like you said “Your kingdom come your will be done **on earth as it is in heaven**” so yes, Jesus came to give LIFE and we have the authority to ask for that (John 10:10)! I love that. I need to take authority over anxiety and anger!

New Mama – I’ve had blinders removed the last few years, and I am so thankful for the changes God’s instilling in my heart, mind, and behavior, so I have to share how “Let the Children Fly” Kingdom living and teaching has affected my life and my children’s lives. When I look at the road behind me I can see huge areas of His grace, peace and love forming my choices instead of anger, punishment and shame in my parenting.

I am Healed! – Great testimony from a mom in class. I want so badly to see my children partner with God to be a channel of His love. My eyes are opened to how powerful they can be in the hands of God. Yesterday I shared with my kids about how powerful they are in bringing healing in the name of Jesus. We were planning to go on a healing hunt that morning but we were running late for church so we ended up not going for a walk. At night, when I was preparing dinner and grabbed something really heavy with one hand and hurt it real bad. It was so bad that I couldn’t lift anything with that hand, not even cut an apple. Before we had dinner, the kids all lay hands on me and prayed, “Pain be gone in Jesus’ name. Hand be healed in Jesus’ name!!” It was that simple, yet powerful. My hand was 100 % healed, no pain at all !!!! I was amazed at how intentional God is in showing our kids that the kingdom of God is so easy if we just do what He teaches us. God in His goodness allows my kids to experience the power of healing through their own prayer to encourage their little heart that God wants to use them and that they are powerful in the hands of an almighty Papa God!

Can I Pray for You, Mom? – Awhile back I was in one of my go-go-go modes and feeling frazzled by all that needed to get done. My daughter came to me so sweetly and said, ‘Mom, is there anything I can do for you because you really NEED to rest?’ She was so gentle and kind, but serious about it. She is only SEVEN but understands the concept of staying in a place of peace, rest and trusting well. It would be easy to partner with feeling like a hypocrite in trying to teach my children about the Kingdom when I still struggle with things, but my kids will never have the years of trauma and emotional baggage I did as a child. While I am unlearning things, they are learning it for the first time at a young age. It is OKAY that I am teaching them about their Father when I am still learning. It is also OKAY that they are surpassing me in many (many) areas already. I personally think that is awesome and I welcome the voice of a 7 year old to remind me that it is okay to rest. She is a World Changer and often changes mine!

I am Important – I wanted to send this testimony your way, it was spurred on by one of the examples you shared! Last night a boy came to group for the first time. He had some special needs but was accepted instantly. We were talking about our hearts and had a gift bag which symbolized each child’s heart. We talked about how our hearts can become hurt when others don’t speak life to us or we accept lies from the enemy. We gave examples of things that may have been said to us, hurtful things and ripped off some black construction paper to fill our bags. Holding the white gift bags up you could see a lot of dark inside since they were filled. I explained God created us ALL with treasures in our hearts and when all of those hurts remain we need to let Him heal our hearts. Each student threw out all of the ‘hurt’ and found a wrapped present at the bottom. (they had no idea it was even there!) They ripped open their presents and were thrilled to find some sweet treats, as well as a bunch of notecards with special messages inside of what GOD says of them! Mason’s face grew hopeful and He collected all of his notecards shoving them back in his bag. He didn’t want to lose any of them as he said they were his treasures. I asked Mason if he thought there were any hurts in his heart that he needed God to take out, to which he quickly responded, “Oh yes! Definitely!” I asked him if we could pray for him and he agreed. God’s power was so overwhelming as we all laid hands on Mason and agreed for a healed heart. His countenance was so encouraged when we were finished. He told each student & helper he loved them as he left last night and asked if he could hug everyone. This is what it’s all about!

How beautiful is this testimony?! – I am a single mother to a precious 7 year old. She has no memory of her dad and I being together. While she loves spending more time with him, the tearing apart every time has been very real and hard. She cannot understand why she can’t have us both at the same time and is constantly missing the other one. Lisa gave me the tools to walk my daughter through inner healing. One particularly hard night, we walked through the steps Lisa had given me; both of us. My crying, hurting little girl gave her wounds, fears, and anger to Jesus and He gave her peace, joy, and love in return. I gave Jesus mine as well and returned with the same. We giggled and laughed and felt so healed! She told her class about it the next day because Jesus met her in her pain and took it away. It was beautiful!

Creative Parenting – I am getting better and better at letting my kids feel the aftermath of their choices instead of taking it on myself. The other day I asked one of the kids to take out the trash and as we pulled out of the driveway to go to school I noticed two fully loaded trash bags sitting against the fence. I immediately pulled back into the driveway and put the trash in the bin myself in a bit of a huff. In the process I stepped in mud with my new shoes on and it was not a fun ride to school. I sensed Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘Why did you do that?’ and I began to think of what would happen if I hadn’t put the trash in the bin myself. Oh my – it would have been a disaster. Surely the neighbor dogs would have found the chicken bones and there would have been trash all over the yard. And gee, the neighbors would probably think less of me if my yard was littered with trash. Then I heard it again, ‘Why did YOU do that?’ and I began to picture my son coming home from school to find trash – the trash HE left out – all over the place and how uncomfortable HE would have been in cleaning it all up. While it would have cost me embarrassment with my neighbors, it would have been a small price to pay for my child to take ownership and learn to complete tasks fully. God has set before us a Kingdom principle of reaping and sowing. Our children need to learn how to reap what they are sowing and not always have a parent who steps in to reap what they have sown.

Kids Have a New Mom – We are having so much fun shopping when I realize I don’t hear my children. I head over to where they are and what my wondering eyes see? About 8 necklaces in a tangle on the floor. As I try to untangle these necklaces and they are getting more and more tangled. My anger is bubbling up with questions like, “How could this happen? How am I going to untangle all of these necklaces? How much do these necklaces cost b/c maybe, I have to just buy them and take them home to untangle and return?” This is the point in the story that the old Toni would do this (and probably be yelling or spewing forth death words with spittle coming out), “Jordan and Christian you are in SO much trouble! I can’t believe you did this! I am furious with you! You have lost your privileges of (fill in blank) and you will pay this consequence (fill in the blank).” But the Toni who is learning how much she is loved by God and wants more than anything in the world for her children to know how much they are loved by God is there untangling the necklaces asking “Jesus help! What do you want me to know right now? How do you want me to parent right now?” As always when I turn to Him…a peace washes over me and I am reminded that shame, guilt, condemnation won’t teach, train or build up these two world changers in front of me but would instead tear them down and shut off this teachable moment. After some deep breaths I calmly start asking them questions about self control and keeping their hands to themselves in these nice stores. I ask, “Jordan and Christian, where does Spirit of self control live? When we are tempted to touch these nice things what can we do to protect against the temptation and this whole untangling necklace debacle?” They respond that the Holy Spirit of self control lives inside of us and so we have the power in us to overcome temptation. We can put our hands in our pockets so we don’t touch! When we got home, they wrote/drew a little note apologizing for tangling the necklaces and picked out some candy and we will deliver it back to the store workers today. We had a wonderful evening together which I’m sure wouldn’t have happened had I responded with shame, guilt, condemnation and death over them.

Wow, so much has changed! – I now have this mental picture of myself walking into the water with my hands open and my eyes closed- feeling like I am more free and more trusting. I’m talking to God and I’m listening. My husband is with me too, as I feel this journey has brought us so much closer in both our marriage and our parenting. This class has become a part of our daily life. The way we interact as a family and with our children. Tonight we printed off the results from our love language quizzes and then printed out pictures of cups that were empty. We then spent time praying, talking to God and sharing how we can fill up our love tanks, or cups, and how we are unique with different needs. The kids loved it! They went to bed saying their love tanks were full :). This class has been such a blessing for our family and I feel like it is just the beginning, that God has so much more planned!!

I am Not Shy – This morning our 6 yr old was being really funny when we asked her to pray about something. Her head hanging down, hair in her face, she said she doesn’t want to because she is shy. (She has said she is shy before, but is my bold adventurer!) We asked her what Father was saying to her. It took a while, but she finally whispered ‘I’m powerful’. So we asked if it was true or a lie that she was shy, and spoke a few other things God has said to her. She knew it was a lie, but was cowering in fear. I knew she can see in the spirit realm, so something was obviously going on. I remembered a story you had shared about Hudson kicking a lie out the door. So I shared it with her, she thought it was funny. So I asked her if she wanted to kick out the lie that she is shy. Still acting timid, we went to the door and together said ‘I am not shy’ and kicked it out the door. She shut the door and began to have this tiny smile. She whispers in my ear ‘Mommy, it’s like we kicked all the sneaky, snakey things that aren’t God’s friends out the door’. Oh my word. Our daughter, who has gotten so many words about being bold, powerful, and filled with God’s light. Blessings on our child’s destinies and callings! Thank you for sharing testimonies, they are powerful!

Never Too Young – Since I took your class I had been wondering if what I was teaching my 18 month old was even working. I have been noticing over the last month he walks into the room when the light is off and starts to cry. He runs to me and says, mamma it’s dark and I am scared. As he ran away from the dark something rose up within me and I told him to go back in there and tell the dark I AM NOT AFRAID and I stomped my foot down. We did this for a whole month. He would cry and I would remind him and then he would tell the dark he wasn’t afraid and then walk in and grab a toy. I turned the lights on for him after he walked through the door. But this morning he walked into the dark living room and I heard him say all on his own and stomp his feet, I AM NOT AFRAID! He came to me so proud and stomped his feet and said, I am not afraid. I am so proud of him and thank God for his little presents he gives me when I least expect it. Needless to say we had a party in the kitchen when he told me this. I thought you should hear this… what you do for parents even when their kids are too young to comprehend.They do and I’m so grateful to see my son stomp on the floor to say he is not afraid! !!

Seeing the Truth – My daughter has been complaining lately about her eye sight and something didn’t feel right about it (not sure why or what, but it didn’t sit right in my spirit). Yesterday she came to me wearing my glasses telling me how cool she looked in them. Hmmm. I asked her if there was any part of her that WANTED her eyes to be bad enough to need glasses and she admitted she did because some of her friends have them and they look ‘cool’. I explained to her that when we WANT our bodies to be broken we are actually inviting it in. We renounced the lie that she needed glasses to be cool and then prayed for her eyes to work the way they were created. It is one thing to need glasses to assist a physical condition. It is another thing to invite brokenness to feed a lie.

Holy Spirit’s Idea! – Just wanted to share with you how a regular moment in my day got transformed into a really fun Kingdom moment, and it was as easy as stopping and asking Him for help! My six year old son just had a birthday and scored big time in the Lego department. Then the new catalog came in the mail and I have felt a check in my spirit about letting him have it as he just starts talking about what new sets he wants. I felt led to take the catalog away and instead focus on gratitude. He was pretty upset and one morning was acting out. I asked him what was going on, and he said he just didn’t understand why he couldn’t have the catalog. On the spot I just asked Holy Spirit, “how do I explain all the dynamics of greed to my son right now?!” (I naturally, in my own strength, want to lecture on everything, and I’m sure he stops listening not long after I start talking). After asking for help I just started into a spontaneous parable where the main characters were named “Greed” and “Thankfulness.” Both my boys had their eyes riveted on me the whole time I told the story. They interacted with it, related to it, and were captivated! I never explained the parable…just left it as it was (later realizing that Jesus did this as His main form of teaching all the time!). Since that moment, he hasn’t asked me for the catalog again. It was just so fun partnering with Holy Spirit’s ideas!

Freedom – I’ve wanted to share with you what happened after we met. First of all, I left feeling very encouraged and hopeful. The biggest thing though is that I feel free of that controlling thing that has always been apart of my parenting- this is really Huge for me. I feel like we are so much more connection than we had been and I’m just so very thankful. I told my friend that you just carry such an anointing for your ministry that it’s incredible. The answers always seem so easy yet I wouldn’t have been able to come up with them and I know that Jesus was doing a deep work when we were meeting. So thankful Lisa! So very thankful!!

Rice Krispie Treats – Thank you for your amazing ministry and your devotion to help parents teach children to hear His voice. I’ve been following your posts…they have been life giving and changing. I haven’t taken your mentorship class yet, but desire to do so in the near future. I have a testimony to share with you that was prompted by what I’ve learned from you. I really wanted to start teaching my daughter (3yr old) to give based off hearing the Lord’s voice. Tonight we went to Noodles & Co and I told my daughter that tonight Jesus wanted us to buy a Rice Krispie treat for someone. I asked her to ask Jesus who He wants to give this Rice Krispie treat to . She then pointed to a young woman and said, “her”. So we went up to the gal who had a book out and was clearly studying/taking notes and my daughter said, “Jesus wants you to have this Rice Krispie treat”. The woman said thank you and we went to our table to eat. We finished our dinner and as we were heading out the door, I stopped and explained why Jesus wanted her to have the treat, that He loved her, liked her and that she is beautiful to Him. She then replied, “You don’t understand, I just bought this book (turning it over so I could read the cover – it was a study on all religions…Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, etc…she currently was taking very detailed notes on Judaism). I’m at a very spiritual place in my life. I was raised Lutheran, baptized Lutheran, converted to Catholicism, married a Mormon and have several Muslim friends. I bought this so I can study and choose what religion I’m going to become”. She was just amazed because she just bought this book and is now having an encounter with The Lord. She was in complete awe of what just had happened. All this was possible because of your ministry, encouragement, example and my daughter learning to hear the voice of The Lord. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Thank you Jesus!!

God is Good – Thank you! I asked the Holy Spirit to to help me tonight. My eight year old step daughter just got back tonight from a week at her biological mom’s house and was sobbing and throwing a temper tantrum because I asked her to do something. She didn’t want to share with me what was wrong nor did she want to be touched only that she wanted to go to bed. I asked the Holy Spirit for help and I didn’t get anything right away but I waited and kept helping her brother and eventually saw a picture of her like a wild animal in a cage so scared. So I approached her slowly held out my hand and then started to stroke her hair while she sniffled and cried away. Eventually she stopped and asked to go to bed in a calm voice and was receptive to hugging. I felt so much more peace parenting that way instead of yelling or demanding she wait or to just have her go to bed crying and unsettled.

Peace of His Presence – My two year old keeps climbing out of his crib and I kept putting him back to bed, which I had prepared myself for this day and knew it was going to be a long battle of wills. After an hour of back and forth. I finally laid him down again and left my hands framing his face with a bit of pressure, and he instantly relaxed, I kept massaging his face. Asking the Holy Spirit to rest on him again (it was part of our initial prayer an hour ago). I then started to hover my hands over him (while he struggled to keep his eyes open) but still asking the Holy Spirit to flow through to his spirit and soul. He fell asleep! Hooray! Thank you for your encouraging posts.

This is so good! – Our oldest just turned 2 a couple weeks ago and so she doesn’t enunciate super well or always speak in full sentences. I just began classes in the school of ministry at our church here in Colorado and one thing we do is on Wed. nights all students and their families are invited to have dinner together at the school. My husband brought our girls and as I was saying goodbye and heading to my evening class our sweet two year old starts to cry, throw a fit, and run after me, loud enough to be disrupting to the worship that was starting. I quickly whisked her away but she got louder and I couldn’t get far enough for her not to be heard. I wanted to discipline but instead heard Holy spirit say to pray, so I said, “Holy spirit, I invite you to come and give her peace and show her that mommy is not leaving or abandoning her. Holy Spirit, show her in her heart what you want her to know.” Of course, Holy Spirit was giving me those words as I prayed them! I had not even finished inviting the Holy Spirit when she stopped crying, and her body continued to relax in my arms as I prayed until by the end she was completely relaxed and rested her head on my shoulder. After I finished praying, she hugged me and gave me a kiss and left quietly and happily with her daddy. Even though she couldn’t tell me what was upsetting her, Holy Spirit gave me the words to pray and even though she can’t express what Jesus told her that she needed to know there to be able to leave me peacefully, I know she heard Him speak and it was exactly what she needed to hear. I don’t know exactly what her heart splinter was or how it may have gotten there for her to fear going home without me, but even without clear communication with my daughter, God was big enough to take care of it and not let her live in fear and a lie. This was so good and it doesn’t have to just be for kids that are old enough to draw pictures and communicate! God can do it for even the littlest ones.

“Holy Spirit, can you come?” – God wants me to ask Him how to discipline! I have been having a hard time with my oldest (just turned 2) because she is the child that is so very different from me. All of her giftings and personality are beautiful and breathtaking, but sometimes I just feel like she and I are on different planets and I don’t know how to deal with her. I have been wallowing in guilt and shame the last month because she has gone full-on with testing boundaries, telling me no, and throwing temper tantrums. In these moments, sadly, I had been losing my temper and punishing by yelling, spanking, putting her in her room, and being angry with her. I would know it was wrong immediately afterwards, cry and apologize to her, ask her forgiveness, we would hug and go on with our day but the shame I felt from reacting poorly to her poor behavior was eating away at me. I asked Holy Spirit to help me and I hadn’t been losing my temper or spanking her in anger the last week, but still not having a good time with her outbursts. I was reading this post this morning and still finishing it when I started to become frustrated with my daughter because every time I went into the kitchen she started crying and screaming and getting between me and the cabinets trying to push me over. When I got down on her level to try to talk to her, she again nearly pushed me over. Unhappy with her behavior and physicality, I whisked her off to her room and told her, “It’s not okay to push mommy and treat me this way!” Then I felt that nudge to do something different, what Lisa had been talking about this morning. So I stopped and prayed, “Holy Spirit, can you come and show us what’s going on?” After a minute, I asked her if He had shown her what was wrong and she nodded her head yes. Since she doesn’t speak in sentences yet, I asked Holy Spirit what happened and He reminded me that my husband always cooks with her when he’s home. He has been working out of town for a month, only home on the weekends and she was missing her daddy. I asked her if she missed her daddy and big crocodile tears flowed silently down her cheeks as she nodded yes and buried her head in my shoulder. After we had our cry and went back to playing, she was fine and didn’t have any problems. It felt like such a victory to go from the frustration and anger I’ve had in recent weeks to releasing her in power to get her emotions out and have a healthy relationship for the rest of our day!

My Heart has a Lock Code – My son has started kindergarten and the usual personality conflicts have started to the point of when he goes to bed at night, he spews from his mouth the frustration he is having with one particular little girl. In the past I have been telling him in response to his problems “Well, what does God tell you about this”, but tonight I didn’t have to ask him that! He trained himself to have the connection with God. So at bedtime instead of spewing his wounds he said, “God thinks I needed to know He gave my heart a lock code. He gave me the picture of a “lock” with a number code on it. When I asked him what to do with it, God said He had the code to the lock on my heart and He only wanted to open it for good things to enter. So tomorrow mamma, it will be shut if bad names are called or laughs are sent my way. There’s no way to hurt if the bad can’t get into my heart. The bad doesn’t have the code to enter!” Amazing! What I LOVE about this testimony is that Jesus was showing this child how to guard their heart, which is clearly Biblical, but He did it in a way that the child could understand using the language of a lock with a code on it. Jesus is so creative and FUN! He has solutions for EVERYTHING!

FOUR years old – My daughter’s words tonight during bed time routine: ‘Jesus loves me and he is my Papa. He is with me while I sleep’. Yes !! So during her bouts of anger and stress I’ve been sending her to her room to sit on her bed and ask the Holy Spirit what is going on in her heart. She always always comes back to me with something real. Teaching children how to hear God’s voice is working. Lisa Max you are truly a blessing!

Keys – Yesterday the kids were having all sorts of conflict with each other and I called them all to the living room for a family meeting. I had them ask Jesus to show them what was going on deep in their hearts when they were fighting with their sibling. Their list of replies was outstanding and a KEY for all of us. They said: To be loved and wanted For my love tank to be filled Spend quality time with the person who is hurting me Feel like I belong Be honored and respected Connect with my family. Jesus showed them they were arguing and fighting which pushes each other away, but the root of it was that they wanted to CONNECT! Disconnection breeds conflict. Connection breeds peace. Gather the kids this morning and have them all ask, ‘Jesus, who do I need to connect with today?’

Fear is in the Bag – There was this five year old that I was praying for a few weeks ago after church service. Other prayer team members were praying with his mom. The boy told me he was scared. I started then explaining to him that he can “pretend” to hold a trash bag that has fear in it. I then explained that he needed to throw the trash bag away. I also led him in a prayer that stated. “Fear do not come back anymore. I don’t agree with you. I won’t let you stay with me in Jesus name.” Then he made the motion that he was throwing the trash bag so far away from him. Last night I happened to see him. I asked him if he prays to get rid of fear. He said. I don’t have to pray over this, because I am not scared anymore. That made me so happy. I then asked, what will you do if fear does come back. He then stated that he will throw the bag away. I was so thankful that Jesus used me to make an impression on this young kid so he knows he is powerful.

Goodbye Fear – Tonight the girls were playing and suddenly our youngest (4) started crying and screaming. We run upstairs, turns out she was so afraid. Like terrified. They had been playing in our closet and our oldest started making scary faces at her, she said like a ghost. After holding her for a minute while she calmed down, we asked her to close her eyes and ask Jesus where He was. She said He was with her friend (who lives in WA) and that He was protecting her from monsters. So she prayed for her friend to not have fear and to know Jesus is with her. Then we had her ask Jesus where He was in our house. She said He is in her closet. (Big smile on her face). So we played hide and go seek with Jesus, and she looked in her dark closet with a big smile while Jesus took away her fear. ….also turns out her friend in WA has been afraid of death the past few days so she got to pray for her to not have fear anymore. God is so GOOD and knowing He is with us and takes away all the fear! So thankful for your class and the journey it began in our parenting.

Sibling Conflict – Lately there has been an increase in sibling issues. While I think there are a few reasons for it (traveling, no breaks, off schedule, etc). I sensed Holy Spirit kept telling me, ‘Teach them!’ so I would coach them again (and again and again) how to handle the conflict, but it was getting annoying. I heard Him say again TEACH THEM, to which I snapped back, “I AM!”, but what I failed to ask Him was teach them what exactly. This morning it came to me. My kids KNOW how to share, handle hurts, work through offenses, how to forgive, etc. But God wanted me to teach them how to GUARD THEIR HEART in the first place. This is where parenting with Holy Spirit gets fun. I simply asked Him to give me a creative solution. I gave them each a smiley heart sticker and placed it on their heart. I had them grab their Bibles and we read 1 Peter 5:8, 1 Thess 5:16 and Proverbs 4:23. We talked about what each scripture meant and why they were so important, I had them act out each one in a silly way (because the Kingdom IS righteousness, peace and JOY), and then we role played through the situations that have happened these past few days and how each of them did not guard their heart. I have rules in my house to keep peace, but everywhere they go for the rest of their lives people will do things that could bring a hurt or offense to their hearts. They have to know how to GUARD their hearts, not just know how to clean up the mess. For the next several days my response to any sibling conflict will simply be, ‘Did you guard your heart?’

Keeping Children Safe – Oh Lisa, I am amazed at how good God is at giving us exactly what we need at just the right time. I taught the kids about our chalkboard (minds) two nights ago and how He talks to us. My daughter was confronted with a situation yesterday and Jesus showed her exactly what to do then. We were at a local children’s playpark. We were meeting up with a person that I’m discipling and her son. A little later I noticed him pointing to his groin area in front of her and it upset me immediately. Last night I started asking Amber about that and what he said to her while he was pointing like that. She then told me that later on he asked her to touch him inappropriately. She didn’t say inappropriately, but she knew immediately that it wasn’t right and she then saw an image of running away and that was exactly what she did then. She says she saw Jesus right there next to her telling her to run away. She didn’t come to me immediately to tell me about it, but I realized later when speaking to her about it that she felt like she was in the wrong about it, she said she was worried that I’d be angry with her or give her a hiding. I realize that it needs to be communicated that we as parents are always there for her,that she can talk to us about anything etc, so we need to work on our relationship, disciplining tactics etc. I praise God that He was there for her and that He could tell her exactly what to do.